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“Tragic Victim of Drunk Driving Florida Millionaire Found Guilty of DUI Manslaughter”

If you have been following our personal injury blog, we have been keeping tabs on the trial of John Goodman. Goodman, a Florida Millionaire whom founded International Polo Club of Palm Beach, was found guilty of DUI Manslaughter from an accident on February 12, 2010. Sentencing is set for April 30, 2012 at which time Mr. Goodman will be sentenced from 11.5 years to 30 years in prison. The victim, Scott Wilson, was twenty-three (23) years old at the time of the crash and died at the scene. Mr. Goodman struck Scott Wilson’s vehicle on the passenger side with his Bentley and pushed the car into a canal. Scott Wilson was restrained and tragically drowned in the vehicle as a result. Goodman fled from the scene without rendering any help. His blood alcohol content was .17 hours after the crash. As a Clearwater DUI victim attorney, this story is yet another example of how life can change in an instant as a result of drunk driving.

Following the criminal conviction, an undisclosed settlement was reached in the civil case. It is speculated that tens of millions of dollars is the amount of settlement. However, no amount of money can replace the life of Scott Wilson or compensate the family for their tragic loss created by a drunk driver. This settlement was most likely done in anticipation of the upcoming sentencing hearing that will decide the length of Goodman’s jail sentence.

Goodman had made some notoriety in prior anticipation of the criminal trial by adopting his forty-two (42) year old girlfriend in a shameless attempt to conceal his fortune. He was clearly attempting to provide her 33.3% entitlement to the children’s trust, which is valued in excess of $300,000,00. Mr. Goodman had also sold his home to the children’s trust in anticipation of a civil lawsuit and was paying the trust monthly rent. This is further evidence of Goodman’s lack of remorse and reveals much about his character or lack thereof. Hopefully, the Judge throws the book at Goodman and sentences him for the remainder of his lifetime. Goodman willingly operated his car while drunk and put the safety of other motorists in jeopardy. Unfortunately, Scott Wilson lost his life as a result of a drunk driver.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a drunk driver, it is imperative to seek knowledgeable counsel to assist you with your claim. Your lawyer should have a full understanding numerous DUI cases from both the civil and criminal aspect. Our Pinellas County injury attorneys have a full understanding of the damage that drunk drivers leave behind and we have a track record of successfully suing impaired drivers. Florida law provides a cause of action for punitive damages against an individual who operates a vehicle while impaired which results in a physical injury to another. For more information on our victims of drunk driving legal team, please check out our “practice area” section on this website, where we provide a succinct explanation of the law surrounding DUI victim cases.

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