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Is Todd “M.J.” Schnitt Wasting More of the Taxpayer’s Money?

When I was in elementary school, I remember a fellow kid who often cried if you even looked at him the wrong way. Every Wednesday during “share time” I would often try to play with his WWF figurines, and he did not get it. Would a reasonable person infer that Todd “MJ” Schnitt is similar in nature. He has been depicted in the days following the trial as a sore loser who is attempting to strike at anyone and everyone. Meanwhile the joke seems to be on the taxpayer’s as this issue continues to waste the judicial economy.

A Hillsborough County jury has already determined that comments made by Bubba the Love Sponge Clem did constitute a reputational tort. M.J.’s attorneys have complained that Clem’s legal team orchestrated a scheme to snare Phil Campbell for drinking and driving. However, it appears that the jury was immune and insulated from the conduct of the attorneys involved. The accusations propounded by MJ.’s attorneys already seemed outlandish, as his wife who routinely appeared on his radio show, was a public figure.

According to recent articles (please see: http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/296608/250/Could-we-see-MJ-v-Brent-MJ-attorney-says-no) Brent Hatley (Producer of Bubba’s radio show) received correspondence from M.J.’s counsel not to destroy or allow the spoliation of any evidence. It appears that M.J.’s legal team is attempting to convince Judge Arnold to declare a mistrial. The main question is whether the jury knew of any of the claims prior to rendering the verdict. Another question is whether the defense lawyers (Bubba’s team) had access to sensitive legal documents in the briefcase of Phil Campbell that was left behind after his DUI arrest.

I am hoping that Judge Arnold can close out this chapter that has done nothing to instill the public’s confidence in attorneys.