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Tips to Follow When Waiting for the Tow Truck

Maybe your car stopped running, maybe the battery’s dead, or maybe you were just in an accident, but now you’re waiting on a tow truck. You understand that it could be a while before the truck gets to you, so what steps should you take in the mean time?

The first thing to do is enable your hazard lights. Being on the side of the road is a dangerous situation. Hazard lights allow the people around you to be on the lookout. In Florida, drivers are required to give space to hazard vehicles or slow down. In some cases, where you can’t make it to the side of the road, hazards let other motorists know that the vehicle is disabled in some manner.

Next, use road flares, reflective warning triangles or other early warning devices to let other drivers know that you need space. One of the worst things that can happen after your vehicle is disabled is a car accident. By placing these devices approximately 30 feet (or 10 meters) behind the vehicles, passing drivers will have another warning if the hazard lights weren’t enough.

If possible, you should move your car to the side of the road. In cases where it might be too dangerous or impossible to move the car, then this should not be attempted. However, moving the car to the side of the road is an excellent way to avoid congestion and prevent other harm. In general, one should not attempt this alone. Nor should it be attempted up a steep grade or if the vehicle could harm others. This reduces the chance of collision.

The final issue is where you should position yourself. Some commentators believe that you should wait inside your vehicle. They cite that you receive the protection of your car in case of an accident. Others argue that your car is a giant target and that you should stand at a safe distance from the roadway. There is value in each of these arguments and it appears to be a situational call.

In these situations, your best bet is not to exacerbate a bad situation. That means that you should take every precaution not to harm yourself or others.

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