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Texting and Driving Bill Gaining Support in Florida

Florida is presently one of only fifteen states without some extent of a ban on texting while operating a motor vehicle. Sen. Nancy Detert (Republican out of Venice) has championed the passage of Senate Bill 416, prohibiting the action of texting while operating an automobile and the bill passed its third overall committee with a vote of 14-1. Senate Bill 416 will now move onto the Senate Budget Committee for yet another vote in the coming weeks.

Florida Consumers Support texting and Driving Ban

A statewide poll conducted by Bay News 9, Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald found that 71 percent of Floridians are presently in favor of banning texting. The poll was conducted by interviewing 800 registered Florida voters and illustrated support for the ban of texting and driving across all known demographics.

A 2009 study conducted by Eddie Alterman, Editor of Car & Driver Magazine produced shocking results. An individual that is operating their automobile at 60 miles per hour can anticipate at a minimum an additional 68 feet in stopping distance while sending or retrieving a text message. In contrast to an impaired driver, a distracted driver who is texting takes almost 30% longer to bring their car to a complete stop. It is shocking to state that texting and driving may actually be more dangerous than drinking and driving. As a DUI victim attorney, I often publish articles in our blog section that entails the horror stories and senseless tragedies relating to the actions of impaired drivers. The proliferation of mobile phones over the past decade and the acceptance of texting and utilizing mobile phones to check social media in pop culture, has contributed to the mainstream belief that this is normal behavior. Thus, texting while driving is not frowned upon by the mainstream media and pop culture in contrast to drinking and driving.

Unfortunately we do not have access to a large body of studies to show just how dangerous and devastating this action can be. In fact, we are now only beginning to see a concerted effort towards studying the dangerous consequences of texting and driving and ensuring that the general public learns of this danger.

Florida Injury Attorney Combatting Distracted Drivers

At Dolman Law Group, we often represent victims who were injured due to the actions of a distracted driver. There is no phone call or text message that is so important that it worth putting your own life or the life of a fellow motorist or pedestrian in danger. The action of texting while driving results in a distracted driver, who will have a much slower reaction time. As a Clearwater personal injury attorney, it is my goal to educate Florida consumers on the consequences of texting or talking on a cell phone while driving an automobile. By willfully engaging in such activity, it is my belief that this amounts to a complete disregard for the caution and safety of fellow motorists and pedestrians. – Matthew A. Dolman, Esq.

Matthew A. Dolman, Esq., is a Florida Personal Injury Attorney and civil trial lawyer who limits his practice to first and third party claims relating to an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, TBI, insurance carrier bad faith, catastrophic injury and wrongful death. Matthew resides in Clearwater, Florida.

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