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Testosterone Therapy Medication May Also Increase Risk of Blood Clots

You’ve seen the commercials, usually on late at night or during daytime television, asking the viewer if he is suffering from depression, low libido, or low energy. They claim that if you are suffering from these symptoms, you must be suffering from low testosterone, or Low T. They then go onto to tell you about a variety of topical gels, creams, pills, and injections that can help you boost your testosterone and get your normal life back. However, these testosterone treatments can do more harm than good.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently begun investigating claims that these testosterone therapy treatments can case harmful cardiovascular problems. Multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging that testosterone therapy products lead to consumers suffering the following conditions: stroke, heart attack, and death.

They also are investigating into whether or not these products actually work in the first place. In a statement released in February, the FDA advised doctors that they should “consider whether the benefits of FDA-approved testosterone treatment is likely to exceed the potential risks of treatment.”

Men suffering from these symptoms may just be experiencing getting old, not low T. However, pharmaceutical companies like to aggressively market these products to men in that age range who often experience these symptoms.


Unrelated to these claims, the FDA has recently added another item to be concerned about in the growing unease of the safety in taking testosterone therapy products. At the end of this past June, the FDA required all testosterone treatments to require a label warning consumers that these products may increase your chance of developing blood clots.

Testosterone therapy products currently require products to have warning labels about blood clots forming in veins as a result of polycythemia. However, after receiving many reports about blood clots forming in veins not related to polycythemia, they decided that a more general warning was needed.

The reports alleged that the blood clots in the veins included both deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms. DVTs are blood clots usually found in legs that have recently been discovered to form in passengers of long-haul air flights. Pulmonary embolisms are potential life-threatening conditions that happen when a clot travels from the vein into the lungs.

The only currently approved FDA testosterone therapy drugs are for use in men with low T as a result of a medical condition, such as inadequate testosterone production as a result of a genetic condition or chemo therapy.


If you or someone you know has suffered from either a stroke, heart attack, or blood clots, and they were taking drugs for low testosterone, you may be entitled to compensation and should immediately contact an experienced testosterone therapy injury attorney.

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