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Sightseeing, exercise, and commuting are some of the main reasons why people may go out for a walk in Tampa. However, if you were harmed as a pedestrian, your day can quickly change course. A Tampa pedestrian abuse lawyer can help you hold a negligent driver or another party accountable for their wrongdoing.  

Dolman Law Group helps pedestrian accident victims seek compensation for their injuries and damages. If you've been involved in a pedestrian accident, you can count on our team to fight on your behalf and protect your legal rights.

Tampa Can Be Dangerous for Pedestrians

Tampa has many exciting things to offer pedestrians. A great example is Tampa's Riverwalk, a path set aside for pedestrians that offers many fun activities. However, according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the Tampa area is a dangerous region for pedestrians.

In 2020, Hillsborough County accident statistics showed over 545 pedestrian accidents, resulting in 52 deaths. These figures are sobering at best and highlight the magnitude of the problem. Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths continue amongst these staggering statistics.

What Compensation can Pedestrian Abuse Victims in Tampa Collect?

Pedestrian abuse victims can suffer economic and non-economic losses related to their injuries. Therefore, a lawyer from our team can help you understand which of the following types of losses you can seek in your case:

  • Medical expenses: If you were injured in the accident, you probably spent a lot of time and resources on your physical recovery. You deserve compensation for these past, present, and future medical costs.
  • Wage losses: If the injuries affected your productivity or even ability to work, you can include wage losses in your claim.
  • Modification and equipment: If the accident necessitated modifications for wheelchair access in your home or equipment like a hospital bed, you should include them in your claim.
  • Wrongful death losses: If the accident resulted in a fatality, the responsible party should pay for your family's losses, such as lost income and burial and funeral expenses.

Pedestrian Accidents and Driver Negligence

Pedestrians may face abuse or harassment from vehicle drivers, and this may lead to injuries. A driver may show signs of road rage towards a pedestrian, for instance. If a driver's recklessness led to your injuries, this could be negligence—and could entitle you to seek compensation. 

Drivers owe a duty of care to pedestrians, as they do to other road users. You could hold a driver accountable for these and other forms of negligence:

  • Driving while intoxicated: Drunk driving is a serious problem. Pedestrians are at an even higher risk from drunk drivers—when drivers fail to observe traffic signs, slow down around school zones, or yield to pedestrians, they endanger pedestrian lives.
  • Failure to yield: Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks, intersections, and red traffic lights. When drivers fail to yield the right-of-way in these places, pedestrians can suffer serious injuries.
  • Driving while distracted: Activities that distract the driver like texting, adjusting the GPS, or eating can cause drivers to miss sight of a nearby pedestrian. 
  • Failure to use the rearview mirror: Ignoring the vehicle's rear while backing up can cause serious pedestrian injuries.

Our attorneys will seek all forms of evidence showing that a driver caused your harm or injuries. We will also help you handle every step of your case, including negotiations with the insurance company. 

Common Injuries Suffered by Pedestrians in Accidents

Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries when a moving vehicle strikes them since they have no protection or cover. If you now face serious or catastrophic injuries, you could seek compensation according to your level of harm. 

Some of the most common injuries in pedestrian accidents include:

  • Head and brain injuries: Unfortunately, many pedestrian accident victims suffer from head trauma. A head or brain injury could leave a victim seriously debilitated.
  • Broken bones:Breaks or fractures suffered in pedestrian accidents can affect the legs, arms, ribs, and pelvis. These bones can take a long time to heal. 
  • Spinal cord injuries: Pedestrians in accidents are at high risk of spinal cord injuries. These injuries can leave them paralyzed or suffering the loss of motor skills.
  • Wrongful death:The most devastating result of a pedestrian accident is loss of life. If you lose your loved one in a preventable pedestrian accident in Tampa, you can get help from a Florida wrongful death attorney to help you with your legal options.

What to Do After a Tampa Pedestrian Accident

In the unfortunate event that you or someone close to you is struck by a vehicle, take these steps immediately.

  1. Get to safety:The last thing you need is to remain in harm's way. If you can move, get as far away from traffic as possible.
  2. Call law enforcement: Use your cellphone or have anyone around you call law enforcement and medical personnel. 
  3. Collect contact information: If the driver who struck you doesn't flee the scene, obtain their contact information, license plate numbers, and insurance information. If you're not in a position to talk to the driver, have someone do it for you. You should also get witness information, which might come in handy in your personal injury case.
  4. Take pictures:Use your cellphone to take photos of the accident scene if you can. Also, take a picture of your injuries, if any. This will serve as evidence of the injuries you sustained.
  5. Seek medical care:It's important to see a doctor regardless of how major or minor your injuries are. Sometimes you may feel okay initially, but you could have internal injuries, which can be life threatening if left untreated.

Once you've seen a doctor, you should contact a Tampa pedestrian abuse lawyer from our team. We can help you understand your legal rights and how to seek compensation.

We'll Help You Get You Through This

If you or someone you know has been injured in a Tampa, FL pedestrian accident, you can speak with a legal team that understands the process of seeking justice.

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