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Staying At a Healthy Weight Is Critical To Making a Full Recovery

Back & Neck Exercise: Working Out Helps Recovery

When you are recovering from a back and neck injury in an accident, you probably are not thinking about your workout routine. You might also find yourself relying on takeout and frozen foods more than you normally do because of the difficulties of shopping for groceries and preparing fresh meals with your injury. Both of these mindsets and habits can be dangerous for your waistline and by extension, your recovery.

It is critical that you keep yourself at a healthy weight as you work through your recovery following an accident. Carrying excess weight on your frame puts stress on your entire body, such as your bones and organs. This makes it more difficult to heal properly and puts you at risk of suffering a new injury – for example, if you are recovering from a broken foot, the weight of your body can break your foot again, keeping you in a perpetual loop of recovery and keeping you from healing completely. Your job as a personal injury claimant is to do all that you can to promote your own recovery. It is up to your personal injury attorney to help you get the money you are seeking to ease your financial burdens during your recovery.

Excess Weight Makes Activities More Difficult

Think about it – everything from carrying groceries into the house to climbing up stairs is more difficult when you are heavier. This is also true for physical therapy sessions. When you are injured, movement can be difficult. Now imagine how difficult moving through your daily routine, going to doctor’s appointments, and receiving treatment for your injury can be if you are both injured and overweight.

The stress that excess weight puts on your joints and muscles can actually slow the healing process.[1] By staying or allowing yourself to become overweight after your injury, you are actually prolonging the recovery period. Find exercises that you can work into your recovery plan, like yoga and light strength training. If you are unsure about which exercises you can do without injuring yourself further, seek a recommendation from your doctor.

The Right Diet Can Promote Recovery

A key part of maintaining a healthy weight is consuming a balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients. Many foods that are part of a balanced diet can also aid in recovery.

Pain in an injured body part comes from inflammation.[2] Leafy vegetables like spinach and kale can soothe inflammation, as can protein-rich fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon. On the contrary, foods like sodas and refined carbohydrates like white bread and cakes can make inflammation worse.

It can be easy to binge on comfort food and alcohol while you are recovering, but try to avoid going overboard with these.

Mental Health is as Critical as Physical Health

Excess body weight is associated with negative self-image.[3] This is especially true for formerly fit individuals who gain weight within a short period of time. Lessened self-esteem can make it difficult for an individual to find the motivation to continue with his or her ongoing treatment and physical therapy.

Taking care of yourself during your recovery means more than just exercising and eating right. You also need to take care of yourself mentally. Make it a point to talk with friends and loved ones and if you feel you can benefit from professional psychological help, ask your doctor for a referral to a licensed counselor or psychologist. You can have this cost compensated through your personal injury claim if you choose to file one.

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