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St. Petersburg Truck Accident Attorney

Handling accident cases involving large commercial trucks

In a single year in 2012, approximately 330,000 large commercial trucks were involved in accidents [1] causing injury to an estimated 104,000 individuals in the United States. Though the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) [2] has strict regulations intended to prohibit unsafe practices in the trucking industry, truck accidents and the resulting injuries remain an unfortunate reality.

Victims of truck accidents deserve to fully recover for their losses, so please call the Dolman Law Group in St. Petersburg for a free consultation today.

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries

Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles have the potential to cause devastating injuries and damage if they are involved in collisions. When a truck driver loses control, it may result in a vehicle that may weigh 80,000 pounds careening down the highway at high speeds, colliding with any vehicles or objects in its path. Specifically, jackknife accidents [3] or coupling failures can often result in runaway trucks or trailers, which often leave a path of destruction in their wake. Additionally, if a trailer is overturned, the cargo may spill out across the roadway, causing collisions with oncoming traffic. Some trucks carry hazardous cargo that may catch fire or explode upon impact.

These are only some of the reasons why truck accidents have the potential to cause devastating injuries. Not only can truck accidents cause injury to multiple victims in multiple vehicles, but the injuries suffered are often catastrophic, disabling, or even fatal.

Common causes of truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons. There are many different parties who are involved in the trucking industry who can cause or contribute to a truck accident. Some potentially liable parties may include the following:

  • Truck driver – Truck driver error is the cause of the majority of truck accidents in the United States. Drivers can act negligently in many different ways, including but not limited to distracted driving, impaired driving, hours of service violations leading to fatigued driving, failing to complete pre-trip inspections, aggressive driving, violating traffic laws, or violating FMCSA regulations.
  • Trucking company – A trucking company that owns the truck involved in the accident may be responsible due to negligent hiring of an unqualified or dangerous driver, failure to supervise drivers, failure to discipline a driver for FMCSA violations, encouraging unsafe driving practices, failing to properly maintain the trucks in its fleet, and more.
  • Cargo loaders – Often, trucks are loaded by the company who owns the cargo. In such situations, third party cargo loaders may improperly load the trailer and contribute to an accident. Over-loading cargo, improperly securing cargo, and under-loading liquid cargo in tanker trucks can all be serious accident risks.
  • Truck manufacturer – Trucks have many moving parts—substantially more than a regular passenger vehicle—that all have the potential to be defective. If the brakes, coupling, wheels, axles, tires, or other important part malfunctions and causes a driver to lose control, the manufacturer that negligently produced the defective part can be held accountable.

Each truck case can be very different based on what type of party was at fault. An experienced truck accident attorney will know how to identify the correct negligent party or parties and can handle the unique legal issues that may arise in each case.

Contact an experienced St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer for assistance today

Truck accident cases have the potential to be extremely complicated, so you always want to have an attorney who fully understands the issues that may be involved. Trucking companies or manufacturers often have insurance agents and legal teams prepared to fight to avoid liability in accidents and secure the bottom line at any cost. At the Dolman Law Group, we know how to take on large corporations to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for all of your injury-related losses.

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