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St. Petersburg Technology Improving Driver Safety

The majority of Florida drivers have become accustomed to tractor-trailers sharing the roadways. Trucks populate congested highways, making them sizable obstacles to dodge when changing lanes. This can become nerve-racking during peak hours and dangerous to St. Petersburg drivers and passengers regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. Many motorists neglect to realize that trucks have a large blind spot on each side of the vehicle. Many drivers assume that trucks can see everyone on the road because they sit higher off the ground. This mentality can lead to dangerous accidents that may result in a fatality. Fortunately, passenger drivers can educate themselves about a truck’s blind spots to lessen the chance of collision and truck drivers can reduce the chance of running into passenger vehicles by setting up additional mirrors to increase the scope of their no-zones.

Another serious problem involves a vehicle attempting to pass around a semi-truck on a two-lane highway.  When an auto driver cannot see the oncoming traffic, which is blocked from view by the size of the truck, they may attempt to pass on the left and drive directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle while attempting to overtake the large rig.  The end result could be a head-on collision with another vehicle causing serious injuries to both drivers and any passengers.

New Video Technology Allows Cars to Safely Pass on Florida Roads

New technology being developed by Samsung seeks to further improve driver safety.   Samsung has unveiled the first of its prototypes ‘Safety Trucks’[1] fitted with giant flat-screen displays. The trucks use cameras, wireless video, and huge screens to let drivers behind the truck see what is coming towards prior to making the decision on whether to overtake the truck. The overtaking driver gets a super-high definition picture of the road ahead, allowing them to evaluate more accurately passing potential and make more informed driving decisions, regardless of the road or weather. This could prevent many of the accidents that result when motorists drive to perform passing maneuvers on two lane highways and save countless lives in the process. It can also provide insight into the view that truck drivers have of the road and the distance vehicles should maintain ahead of a truck before moving into its lane. Samsung’s Safety Truck was one of Time magazine’s invention of the year[2] in 2015, chosen by a panel of 25 experts.

Extensive Testing to Take Place in Argentina

Following the creation of a prototype last year, Samsung received permission to expand its testing program allowing testing on numerous Safety Trucks in 2016 to determine whether they effectively reduce the number of accidents resulting from vehicles overtaking trucks. If the tests are successful, Samsung will begin making the Safety Truck available in markets across the world, including in the United States.

The Dangers of Passing

Regardless of how many lanes motorists have available on Florida roads, trucks can obstruct a driver’s vision[3] and make it difficult to determine when it is safe to overtake a commercial vehicle. This is especially true on two lane highways where the driver must risk a head on collision or a devastating accident with a large and powerful truck any time he or she attempts a passing maneuver. Truck drivers often have trouble seeing the vehicles that are attempting to pass and may not be able to react in time when a vehicle moves back into their lane too soon ahead of the truck. The Safety Truck technology could eventually lead to additional technologies that would allow truck drivers to have expanded visibility of their surroundings thereby reducing the chance of accidents that result when the truck driver collides with vehicles in his or her blind spots

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