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What Is a St. Petersburg Pharmaceutical Claim?

Pharmaceutical companies release dozens of new prescription medications every year, and every year more people suffer because of drug-related problems. Many product liability lawsuits involve dangerous or defective drugs, medicines or other pharmaceutical products which have caused serious life-long injuries and even death. Pharmaceutical companies are required to ensure, through research and testing, that their drugs and other products are safe according to United States Federal Drug Administration and industry standards. Pharmaceutical companies must warn of any side effects which are discovered.

All too often large drug manufacturers put profits ahead of people and cut corners on testing or intentionally fail to disclose or warn of known dangerous side effects.  When dangerous drugs, defective drugs or other dangerous or defective pharmaceutical products cause death, catastrophic injury, or illness, manufacturers and distributors may be held liable under Florida’s product liability laws[1].

Prescription Drug Liability: Chain of Distribution

A prescription drug is a complicated product, involving the participation of numerous individuals and organizations. When someone is hurt as the result of taking a prescription medication, finding out who was responsible involves a certain amount of investigation.

Drug Liability in St. Petersburg: Drug Manufacturers

Prescription drugs originate with the pharmaceutical companies that create them. These companies have a responsibility to make sure the product they create is safe and properly tested before they release it for consumer use. Even if the United States Federal Drug Administration[2] approves the pharmaceutical for use, the manufacturer can still be held liable for problems associated with the drug.

Drug Liability: St. Petersburg Physicians

It is the responsibility of St. Petersburg physicians to properly prescribe a prescription drug. Physicians are responsible for ensuring that their patients receive a prescription for a drug that meets their medical needs.

Drug Liability: Pharmacist

While a doctor prescribes the medication, it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to ensure that individuals receive the actual drugs. Pharmacists have to ensure that their customers receive the correct medication, that they know the instructions for how to properly consume or use the medication and that the prescription bottles are properly labeled.

Prescription Drug Liability: Filing a Lawsuit

Just like any other consumer product, not all drugs are dangerous and not all injuries that arise as the result of taking a prescription drug will lead to a successful lawsuit. In order to recover money for a harm you suffered, it is necessary to demonstrate that something went wrong.  There are many different types of claims that include prescription drug liability including:

  • The manufacturer made a bad product

In some situations, a drug manufacturer will create a product that is manufactured incorrectly.  Consuming a tainted product could result in harm or even death.

  • Inadequate or incorrect warning

Many prescription drugs have known side effects, some of which can be harmful to the consumer. Nevertheless, these drugs are useful and made available to the public on the condition that consumers receive proper advance warning. In some situations, a drug manufacturer, physician, or pharmacist can provide the consumer with bad advice. Whether the advice comes from misleading marketing materials used by the manufacturer, inadequate warning labels on pharmacy bottles, or a physician prescribing medication for reasons other than what they were intended for, consumers can be harmed because of the incorrect or misleading information they rely upon.

  • Prescription Drugs: Other Factors

There are many legal issues that have to be addressed in a drug liability case. If you have been harmed because of a medication that you have consumed or used, it is necessary to speak to a St. Petersburg pharmaceutical injury attorney as soon as possible.

St. Petersburg Pharmaceutical Injury Attorneys

When an individual is a victim of a bad prescription drug or device, it is important to speak to a St. Petersburg pharmaceutical injury lawyer.  These victims may be able to recover significant compensation for their injuries and damages such as lost employment or future wages.  A pharmaceutical injury case can be very complicated involving more than one individual or business entity that is liable for damages under Florida law.  The attorneys at the Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA are skilled pharmaceutical injury attorneys and they are ready to review and evaluate your case to determine what compensation you may be entitled to receive.  Contact Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA today at 727-222-6922 to schedule your free legal case evaluation and consultation.

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