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Watch Out for Spring Break Accidents and Injuries

Spring Break Hazards can End Your Vacation Quick

Many people visit Florida over the year. Like many major tourist destinations, there are many seasons where there are many more tourists that come in droves. Many snowbirds migrate down to Florida for the winter and congest the roads and the summers see many tourists visiting the myriad of beaches and theme parks. One of the busiest times for Florida tourism is actually Spring break. At this time, droves of students make their way down to Florida to enjoy their time off from school by enjoying Florida’s famous beaches.

At the same time, many snowbirds are still in Florida awaiting the Summer to begin in the north. This results in a massive amount of Florida visitors that create a massive amount of congestion on the roads and beaches. Many coming down to enjoy their Spring break are at risk to suffer significant injuries from a variety of sources.

Spring Break Injuries From Car Accidents

Many of those that travel to Florida beaches for Spring break do so via car. This naturally congests roads and creates an increased risk for car accidents to occur. Some travel from quite far away and can be at risk for drowsy driving. The majority of individuals that will be making trips to Florida beaches for Spring break will consist of students aged 19-25. This is the age group that is typically associated with the highest risk to engage in distracted driving.

Distracted Driving and Spring Break

Distracted driving is one of the largest factors that contribute to serious accidents, especially within the 19-25 year-old age range. The top cause of death for individuals within this age group is unintentional accidents of which car accidents make up a large part. Distracted driving can include a range of behaviors that take a driver’s attention from operating a vehicle. These behaviors can include eating, operating music or air conditioning controls, conversations, rubbernecking, and most importantly smartphone use which is the most common and dangerous form of distracted driving. Young adults ranging from 19-25 years old are the most common age group to engage in this form of distracted driving. Statistics indicate that 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their cell phones.

When it comes to smartphone distraction, it isn’t just texting that needs to be worried about. As time goes on, young adults have been more likely to start using social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook while they are driving and increasing the risk of being involved in an accident.

Driving Under the Influence During Spring Break

It is no secret that Spring break in Florida is often accompanied by a heavy amount of partying that will no doubt involve alcohol and even illegal substances. A lot of spring breakers may find themselves in situations where they need to drive somewhere but they are still under the influence of certain impairing substances. Driving under the influence is a serious danger to all that share the road and many young adults lose their lives every year to those who are irresponsible and drive inebriated. Other substances can also impair driving. Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and much more may not have the same effects of alcohol but they are dangerous to be under the influence of when driving.

Spring Break Boating Accidents

Not all the fun is had on the beach during Spring break. Many spring breakers elect to take boats out and enjoy the water farther out at sea. There is still a risk of boating accidents occurring especially when less experienced boat operators are at the helm. Boats can have collisions with other boats, static objects, or capsize in certain circumstances. This can all be due to malfunction, lack of boating experience, boating under the influence, or disregard for boater safety regulations. Regardless of the reason for a boating accident the injuries can be quite severe. Head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, and lacerations can all occur but one of the most dangerous things to worry about is drowning. Suffering a severe injury overboard can result in drowning or injury caused by breathing in water. Those injured in boating accidents may be able to take legal action depending on who was negligent and caused their injuries whether it was a boat renter that allowed an inexperienced operator to use a boat or a parts manufacturer whose product caused an accident causing malfunction.

Spring Break Bicycle Accidents

Many people visiting Florida beaches may opt to use a bicycle to travel around. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the most dangerous states to ride a bicycle. Many cyclists find themselves hit by cars that do not respect bicycle lanes or simply may not see them at night. It is also imperative that all who choose to ride a bicycle should wear a helmet. It is not illegal to ride a bicycle without one but it is strongly encouraged.

Hotel/Resort Accidents

A hotel or resort that may host many spring breakers has a duty to its guests to provide a safe space that is free of foreseeable hazards. Some hotels may be negligent in their fulfillment of this duty and cause the injury of some of their spring breaker guests. Slips and falls are a dangerous risk especially when people are coming back wet from the beach. You may be able to take legal action after suffering a slip and fall in a hotel if you were significantly injured because a hotel did not take action to prevent a foreseeable accident by addressing a hazard. This can be applicable to many kinds of accidents other than slip and falls like pool accidents, restaurant injuries, harmful room conditions, etc.  

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