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Speeding Car Flips and Results in Death

On Sunday, there was a horrific car wreck on US-19 near Hammock Pines Boulevard. A local journalist that happened to be driving past the scene called it the worst motor vehicle crash he had ever seen.  The driver of a Honda Accord, lost control of his vehicle at a high rate of speed, the car spun crossed the grassy median and plummeted into oncoming traffic. The accord collided, head on, with a large van. This collision ejected Jezreel Lamont Sanders, 20 of Tarpon Springs, from the accord, killing him. It also sent his car flying airborne. It landed on top of another car, a Mazda driven by Norman Ertel of St. Petersburg. The aftermath was a collection of warped metal, shattered glass, and broken engine parts littered across the highway. Unfortunately, one person lost their life and three people were injured.

Car accident deaths are often the most shocking as they disproportionately claim the lives of the young- and often happen suddenly without warning. They are shocking because they are not expected. However, fatalities from car wrecks happen all too frequently. In fact, car accidents are the number cause of death for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or economic class, from birth until age 44. For more information on causes of death go here.

More than twenty four hundred (2,400) people are killed in automobile accidents every year in the State of Florida. Approximately, forty thousand (40,000) die in car wrecks in the United States as a whole. Car wrecks, unfortunately, are very often fatal.

But car accidents can not only kill, they also injure. The number of people that are injured every year is much higher. In 2011, two million two hundred and forty thousand people (2,240,000) were injured in car wrecks.  Many of those killed and injured were not wearing a seat belt. Unfortunately, a large number of those among the killed and injured are small children who are not properly secured in an appropriate child safety seat.

As bad as all of these statistics are, there is some good news to be taken from it. Car wreck fatalities are at an all-time low since 1949. It appears that car safety advancements in recent years have been effective at curbing the death and injury numbers related to accidents. But it is still very important to remember caution.  The majority of car collisions are caused by driver error, often related to driving while under the influence of alcohol or texting and driving. The sad reality is: a great majority of accidents, and the deaths and injuries they cause, are avoidable.

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