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I was in an Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

You are driving down the road and suddenly you are struck by another vehicle. You feel confused and sore, and are not sure what to do next. The ambulance comes to the scene of the crash and asks you if you are alright. What do you say? Should you take the ambulance to the hospital? These are very common questions, and most people unfortunately do not know how to answer them. This article will answer common questions people have following an accident, and hopefully will be useful in the future if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Should I take the ambulance from the scene of the accident?

This is likely to be the first major decision you make in regards to treatment after an accident. In some instances, it’s blatantly obvious that you should go to the hospital. If you were in a serious accident and have severe injuries, you will be transported to the hospital for an examination. But what should you do if your injuries aren’t obviously “severe”? What should you do if you were in an accident and you think you just feel a little sore?

To be safe, it’s always a good idea to take the ambulance to the hospital if it’s offered. This will allow doctors to evaluate you and treat you for injuries which may not be obvious to you, but that a trained doctor can recognize. You could have sustained a concussion, internal bleeding, or a fracture that you’re not aware of; and the pain may not manifest itself for hours, or even possibly days, after the accident occurred. The last thing you want to do is reject medical treatment because you don’t feel any immediate pain and then get home a few hours later and realize there is a severe problem.

Some car accident victims are reluctant to go with the ambulance because they don’t want to leave their car or passengers behind. Don’t worry about these things; your health should be your first priority. Let the emergency response team do their job and receive the medical treatment that you need.

Bottom line, take the ambulance ride just to be safe!

I went to the hospital, should I still report my accident to my family doctor?

It’s always wise when you visit your primary care doctor to advise them of any recent accidents. This is important because it keeps your doctor up to date and allows them to be on the lookout for sudden or developing injuries which may be related to your accident. If you don’t tell your primary care physician about an accident and they find a new injury, they may not be able to treat it properly because they have no idea how it was caused. Telling your family physician also creates a record of your treatment. It reflects the fact that you are in pain and decided it was serious enough to mention to your doctor. If you decide at a later date to seek a lawsuit, this information is very important.

Insurance companies need to see a steady course of treatment. If you have giant gaps in treatment, the insurance company assumes that you are not in severe pain, and in the long run it could hurt the value of your case. Therefore, if you are in pain, make sure you tell your family physician immediately about what hurts, and how it was caused. Having your pain documented is the easiest way for an attorney to show that you are in fact injured and in pain.

And of course, telling your doctor allows them to work together with the physicians who first treated you. This puts everybody on the same page, which could mean a better or more clear course of treatment for your injuries.

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Should I see a specialist?

The short answer is: Yes. Your family physician can only do so much to treat specific injuries. Specialists usually focus on one area, and have the experience and expertise to provide exceptional treatment for that area of the body. If you are in an accident and you are referred to a orthopedic doctor, for example, you most certainly should make an appointment and go. The only way to diagnose the extent of your injuries and the best course of treatment for those injuries is by going to a doctor who can truly treat those injuries.

Specialists have the equipment needed to treat your specific injury. By going to a specialist, you are documenting even more precisely where your pain occurs, and you are showing the insurance companies that you do indeed have a serious enough injury to require a specialist. A physician specialist will be able to accurately identify the source of your pain, and will put these findings in a report. This report will be further proof that you are injured as the result of your accident, and is further leverage in your favor if you decide to pursue a claim.
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