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Shopping Hazards: Black Friday and a Rise in Slip and Fall Accidents

As a woman, I can honestly say that I love the Black Friday shopping rush. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving families run to their local malls and shopping centers to partake in the historic Black Friday discounts. However, as amazing as the deals may be, the crowds and the clutter can be somewhat undesirable and hazardous. Too often, dangerous situations arise on Black Friday when people are pushing and shoving and messes are overlooked. These dangerous conditions (whether they are the fault of the stores that house them or not) must be properly managed by the stores that choose to invite customers on its premises. Many injuries and even deaths occur on Black Friday every year because of the mayhem that ensues.

You were injured on Black Friday, now what?

So you were injured on Black Friday while picking up gifts for your kids or family members, what should your next step be? For starters, if you have not already done so, see a doctor. Many times the employees at these stores are required to fill out an accident report and will call an ambulance to check the victim for any injuries sustained on the premises. However, if you did not leave in an ambulance, do not hesitate to see a doctor following your fall. Major medical issues can arise from these types of accidents and if left untreated, the problems will only be compounded later. Secondly, hire an attorney as quickly after your accident as possible. If there needs to be an investigation done following your accident, an attorney is the best party to determine exactly what would constitute negligence on the part of the store.

How to find the right attorney

Finding the attorney that is right for your case is both subjective and objective. Many attorneys will claim to handle slip and fall cases, but are not very experienced in this area and will likely have difficultly identifying exactly what to look for. Furthermore, many attorneys will promise you the world without exercising complete candor as to the value of your case. That being said, it is important to investigate which attorney in your area may be right for your case. How do you accomplish this? Avvo is an important tool in this determination. Avvo also contains previous client reviews and information about an attorney’s qualifications. Even looking at Finding a former slip and fall client of an attorney can help you to distinguish a lawyer who specializes in the field and a lawyer who has handled a slip and fall claim before.

Is the Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA right for your slip and fall case

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