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Scooter Crash in Florida; Driver Killed

A shocking rear end accident involving three vehicles left one dead and two in shock. EMS units were not able to maintain the little life the victim had left in her after the accident.

51-year-old Marion Rose Harvey was riding her motorized scooter down 34th street at 7:20PM in Gainesville, Florida. She was travelling northbound on the roadway when she stopped for the traffic ahead. She eagerly awaited the traffic progression upon the crest of a small hill behind a pickup truck. The truck, a GMC Sierra, was driven by 20-year-old Jared Waite Jerrels.

Rachel Louise Crow, 31, was traveling north in her Toyota Camry unaware of the impeding traffic jam. She ascended the small hill at what’s said to be ‘legal speeds’ and was surprised by the sudden sight of vehicles. She rear ended Harvey—the scooter operator—and the scene took a turn for the worst.

Are Dangerous Roadways to Blame?

34th street is a very busy street in Gainesville. Being home to a 1,120ft wall replete with paintings, art, messages, and other community-decorated designs and graffiti, this street is also prone to distracted drivers. It’s marked with 35-MPH signs in both north and southbound directions and given the lack of speed enforcements in most areas of the world, drivers are expected to break that limit on a daily basis.

A user by the name of Austin—who is also a resident of the neighborhood in which this accident took place—posted a comment on a social media post regarding this crash stating that

“The combination of not being able to see over the hill, a reduction in lanes, a close traffic light, and the distraction of the painted wall is asking for tragedy.”

Stopping distance is a big factor in this accident. Your speed, reaction time (or lack thereof), the car’s braking ability, and weather conditions will all play a factor in how long it takes for you to come to a complete stop. According to this useful article about stopping distance, you could easily drive another 80ft before coming to a complete stop when travelling at a measly 25MPH!

There’s Little Margin for Error

Assuming that Rachel Crow—the driver of the Camry—was driving even at a comfortable speed of 30MPH in a 35MPH limit zone in perfect weather conditions with stellar reaction time, she’d still travel at LEAST 30ft before coming to a stop. If we consider that she slowed down considerably when approaching the hill—perhaps down to 15MPH—she’s still expecting to travel 5, 10, maybe even 20ft before stopping completely.

She reached the top of the hill and—when she processed what she was seeing—slammed on the brakes to attempt a stop. The front of her Toyota Camry nearly touched the back of the GMC Sierra that was in front of Harvey. Sadly, Harvey was in between the two. Sandwiched by two vehicles and likely pinned down on the road by her heavy scooter, Harvey was in seriously critical condition.

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors—despite their best efforts—were unable to help Harvey. Even with the extensive treatment and procedures that were performed, she was pronounced dead in UF Health Shands Hospital.

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