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Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Crash Lawyers in Florida

Riding a motorcycle can be much more complicated process1 than those who are without any experience may anticipate.  

First, the balancing of the motorcycle is a factor that must be taken into account that is irrelevant to those who drive a car.  Next, the issue of throttling the gas with one hand and operating half of the brakes with the other hand is something that must be mastered.  The other half of the brakes are operated by the feet, along with coordinating the clutch and gear shift. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that some gear shifts require you to shift up and other require you to shift down with your feet.

With so much going on, it is not surprising that learning how to ride safely takes a significant amount of time. Fortunately, there are some steps that new motorcyclists can take to reduce their risk of involvement in an accident while they develop their skills, some of which are discussed below.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It has been noted that 40 percent of all motorcycle accidents2 occur when another driver is making a left-hand turn. This is mainly because the other driver likely did not even see the motorcycle rider, as motorcyclists are inherently harder to spot than larger passenger vehicles.  While attentiveness is the job of all drivers on the road, given the reality that motorcycle riders are less likely to be seen, it behooves all motorcycle riders to be doubly attentive to ensure their own safety.

Always Wear a Helmet and Other Protective Gear

It seems cliché to say, but it is true that wearing a helmet will reduce the severity of all head injuries and reduce the likelihood of death of the rider.  In addition, wearing heavy clothes will protect you from flying debris and ensure that you will not get even something as simple as wind chaffing.  Goggles will help ensure that you do not get anything in your eyes, not so much as even a bug.  It is also important to wear bright colors in order to increase your visibility to other motorists.

Avoid Hazardous Conditions

Whether it is construction zones or bad weather, such as fog, strong winds or thick thunderstorms, hazardous conditions can be too much for even the most experienced motorcycle drivers.  Be gentle on the brakes and anticipate turns by slowing down to the point that your reduced speed is not a danger in and of itself.

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