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I was Run off the Road by a Truck that Did Not Stop. Can I Recover Compensation for the Auto Accident?

You’re driving along, minding your own business, when out of nowhere the truck to your left crosses into your lane and nearly clips the front end of your car. To avoid hitting him, you swerve onto the shoulder and hit the railing. You come to a stop, cursing the other driver and breathing hard, but relieved that you’re breathing at all. You look ahead, expecting to see the truck’s driver coming to check on you and make sure you’re okay. And all you see is his taillights in the distance. That driver is long gone. So now what?

Run-off-road crashes account for over 64% of all single-vehicle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The majority of these crashes are attributed to driver errors, such as overcompensation, distractions, impairment, or driving too fast for road or weather conditions. Even though you know that your accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, proving it won’t be easy. It’s possible that the other driver isn’t even aware that his driving caused you to have an accident. Insurance companies are sometimes dubious of “phantom vehicle” claims which are often made for fraudulent reasons.

The same alertness that kept you from hitting the truck in the first place may help you remember important details. Try to think back to the moments before the accident, as you first became aware of the truck in your peripheral vision. As soon as possible, write down whatever you can remember about it: color, make, model, identifying bumper stickers, even a brief description of the driver or a fragment of the license plate number. Hopefully another driver witnessed the accident and will stop to help you. If so, be sure to find out exactly what they saw, and whether they can give you any details about the truck that caused you to veer off the road.

A passenger in another car may even have been taking pictures or filming at the time of the accident and have valuable evidence of the accident. A statement from an uninvolved third party witness to the accident can provide important corroborating evidence. Report the incident immediately to law enforcement and medical personnel at the scene, giving them as many details as you can, including the names of witnesses, and be sure to tell them that you believe the accident was caused by a truck driver who left the scene. The incident should also be reported in detail to your insurance company.

Pursuing compensation for your damages and injuries caused by this type of accident is a complicated legal process. Be sure to consult with an attorney who is experienced in investigating vehicle accidents.

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