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Road Work Construction Zones Provide Danger for Motorcyclists

When riding a motorcycle, one is subjected to more road hazards than a passenger vehicle. Road conditions, debris in the road, and any other foreign substance on the roadway pose a much higher threat to motorcycles than passenger vehicles. In work construction zones, not only are the chances of these hazards increasing for motorcyclists, work zones themselves are death traps for motorcyclists. Severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, broken or severed limbs, wounds, scrapes, permanent scarring, and spine or neck injuries can be suffered from a motorcycle accident in work zone.


  • Current highway standards allow for a one and one half inch drop off at the edge of the highway before tapering is required. This is no issue for passenger vehicles; however, for motorcyclists this can be a huge danger.
  • Most roadways through work zones are in poor condition and potholes a prevalent. No matter how small the pothole, it can cause a motorcycle accident.
  • Material used to repair such as potholes or cracks in the asphalt are often slick and dangerous. One example of a material used for crack repair that motorcyclists could slip on is bituminous rubberized asphalt sealer.
  • On top of road repair materials, there are other liquids and substances used on job sites that, if spilled on to the road, can a motorcycle accident.
  • Motorcyclists have to be extremely careful of debris when riding through a work zone. They need to be careful of pieces in the road, and if active construction is close to the roadside, of an accidental piece flying in the air.
  • In some instances to repair or cover large holes in the road, large metal sheets are used. These, especially in the rain are extremely dangerous and slippery to motorcyclists.
  • Most roadside barriers are designed to effectively stop passenger vehicles, not motorcycles. Motorcyclists can hit barriers in ways and angles that cars cannot, thus making them more vulnerable to injury. In fact, they can be of more harm than help. One example would be the wire barriers seen along highways.
  • Work zone signage can also be harmful to motorcyclists if placed improperly or too close to the road.


Since President Obama announced the $27 billion economic stimulus package, the highway and road way construction in the greater Tampa Bay area has been wide spread. Work zone safety standards are left to the state, and often times contractors hired to do the work ignore or weakly enforce the standards all together. Read this expose by the New York Times to learn more about the lack of regulation and enforcement of work zone safety standards nationwide.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident as a result of riding a motorcycle through an improperly marked or maintained construction zone on a Florida highway, make sure to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

At Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, our team of attorneys has handled every kind of motorcycle accident case imaginable. We will never represent an insurance company and pride ourselves on holding the negligent party responsible, whether it was contractor who ignored safety standards or negligent driver who ignored traffic laws while driving through a work zone.

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