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Road Rage & Motorcycles

Road rage is a term coined by a Los Angeles news team that has been the standard name for aggravated drivers everywhere. It happens when a driver commits moving traffic offenses so as to cause danger to other people or property. It can happen when a driver uses their motor vehicle to assault another driver or it can happen when the driver or passenger uses another dangerous weapon on the operator or passengers of the other motor vehicle or motorcycle. In fact, there is medical evidence to suggest that people can be diagnosed with a condition linked to road rage called Intermittent Explosive Disorder or IED. It can begin in the early teens and people with extreme IED have had multiple outbursts that are way out of proportion to the situation at hand [1]. Usually, someone gets hurt or properly is damaged. In 5% to 7% of the nearly 10,000 drivers studied, road rage was present.

You can’t control others but you can control your own behavior. When someone cuts you off, how you react will determine what happens next. If you back off, take a deep breath and remain calm so that you can defuse a potentially violent situation. Knowing your driving style can also benefit your safety. This is the case especially for motorcyclists. Not only is it extremely childish to believe that you need to teach someone a lesson but it’s also juvenile to believe that it’s your responsibility to do a seemingly good thing by punishing someone for a wrong action. A car is a moving cage, where drivers feel protected while traveling 70 miles per hour down the road. A motorcycle on the other hand is completely cage-less and nothing but empty space separates a motorcyclist and a driver of another 3,000-pound-pus moving car. A tiny swerve or maneuver can kill a motorcycle enthusiast. And for Florida, according to legal statistics, Miami leads the following list of cities that have the most aggressive drivers: Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. [2]

Stories of Past Road Rage Accidents

  • Navy Officer Zach Buob: Darla Renee Jackson killed Zach Buob in a crash that was ignited from road rage. Authorities say that Jackson chased down Buob, riding his red Ducati motorcycle, down an interstate in San Diego before hitting and pushing him from behind for about 300 feet—eventually running over and killing the Navy special operations officer. Deputy district Attorney Laura Evans said, “From the witness statement, it appears it was a deliberate and intentional act. She endangered the life of herself, other motorists and ultimately killed the victim in this case.” Details of the road rage dispute between the two motorists contain evidence of actions from both parties. Throughout the investigation, friends of Buob said that he was sideswiped by Jackson and kicked her car, setting off the fatal confrontation. On the other hand, Jackson’s mother, Margie said that Buob kicked her daughter’s brand-new car as he squeezed between vehicles along the highway. Jackson then proceeded to follow the biker to get his information for said kick to the door; but unfortunately, she ended up hitting him instead. She is in prison for her actions and a man is dead [3].
  • Eric Sanders: In an attempt to pass a slower driver in Texas, Eric Sanders along with this female passenger used the opposite lane to go around 68-year-old William Crum. While driving in the oncoming traffic lane is against the law, Crum proceeded to swerve into the lane and hit both Sanders and passenger off of the bike and into the asphalt. Both suffered injuries that required hospitalization and medical expenses. Sanders’ friend was driving behind them on another motorcycle with a camera attached to his helmet that captured the entire thing, including moments after the crash when he caught up with Crum to confront him for his actions. He said “What are you doing? You hit them!” Crum is heard saying, “I don’t care!” After investigators arrested him, he claimed that some kind of inspect bit him in the groin area, causing him to jerk the wheel and swerve into the oncoming lane. He said he had no idea that a motorcycle was coming up behind him at the time. Eventually, Crum was given jail time and ordered to pay Sanders damages [4].

Road Rage results in lives lost and prison sentences earned, as seen from the very stories brought up in this post. It’s never safe to approach someone or to chase someone after a road rage incident. If you are on a motorcycle, you know a driver has a deadly weapon—their 3,000+ car. Fighting with a car won’t get you anywhere.

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