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The Risks of Mirena IUD Draws Greater Scrutiny

The Mirena IUD, manufactured by Bayer, is a popular contraceptive device used by more than 2 million women in the United States. However, its use has proven to be a great risk as more than 70,000 women have reported complications with the device. More than 1,000 of those complaints have included charges that the device perforated their uterine walls and possibly other internal organs as well. Such perforations are very dangerous and can cause a vast array of medical problems as severe as infertility and death.  Perforation is not the only serious complication reported. Almost 5,000 women reported symptoms related to the use of Mirena IUD such as the device found dislocated from its position atop the uterus and either became embedded in the uterine wall or migrating to other parts of the body- where the risk of perforating the bladder and intestines becomes a very serious and mortal risk.

Although it is unfortunate, that many women are being injured by this device, it is good news that such individuals are coming forward and utilizing our justice system. There are now more than 100 Mirena IUD lawsuits pending against Bayer. Hopefully, the publicity of these lawsuits will warn women of the dangerous of Mirena thereby saving others from being injured. In fact, what women and their doctors know about the product is the crux of the entire issue. The majority of the pending lawsuits assert that Bayer did not properly inform doctors and patients of the risks associated with the use of their product.

Bayer, of course, maintains that Mirena is a safe product. They continue to manufacture, market, and sell Mirena IUD products. They do this in spite of mountains of horrific evidence that Mirena is dangerous. For example, in one case the Mirena device migrated into a woman’s rib cage- and it had to be surgically removed using a procedure called sternotomy. Literally, a sternotomy is where the chest is cut open; the rib cage is broken apart and opened up. This is exactly how open heart surgery is performed.

Another example, a young woman in South Carolina, had to have a full hysterectomy because of complications caused by the Mirena product. As a result, that young woman will never be able to have biological children. Furthermore, 70,000 women have suffered from complications from this device. Many doctors believe that this mountain of evidence is conclusive. Mirena is simply a dangerous product and this why people have suffered from its use. As long as Mirena remains in use, unfortunately, more women will suffer from these complications. Ideally, as these lawsuits continue to mount against Bayer, they will come to understand their huge profit margins are not more important than women’s health.

If you are a woman who is currently using the Mirena IUD, it is advisable to have it removed if you are experiencing any pain, abnormal bleeding, or any of these other serious side-effects. The described symptoms after removal don’t happen to every woman and are not dangerous, as long as suicidal thoughts do not become acute. On the other hand, a migrating IUD (one that moves from its intended location) can lead to internal injuries, multiple surgeries, miscarriage, and possible sterility.

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