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Redondo Beach Traffic Can Lead to Accidents Resulting in Head Injuries

My friend, Michael Ehline, Esq., is a resident or Redondo Beach, CA.  He says it is a great place, but that the traffic signals are not as pedestrian friendly as they are over in Santa Monica, CA. So he was telling me that is a special concern of his family, as pedestrians with children walking to the beach. Redondo Beach, Califorina traffic can lead to accidents resulting in head injuries; these are car crashes that are often due to negligence by another driver. The injured victim and their family have the legal right to hold them accountable for their careless or reckless actions on the road that resulted in the injuries that can pose permanent brain damage.

The different types of brain injuries that can occur during a car accident can include both closed and open brain injuries. In most cases the types of brain injuries suffered in car accidents are limited to closed injuries. This is a head injury that can be serious, even deadly and occurs when the head hits an object or when the head is thrown back and forth, which is something that seatbelts cannot stop. What happens is when the head slams an object or is tossed back and forth from the impact, the brain hits the skull and this can cause brain damage. In some cases the damage that is caused is mild and will heal with time, but in other cases it may never heal completely. This is the type of football brain injuries that normally occur, when the player is thrown to the ground, even though they are wearing a helmet.

The victim of this type of injury can have many different brain injury symptoms, which will mean in many cases a lengthy hospital stay, rehabilitation, therapy and ongoing medical care will be necessary. This can be determined by the physician in charge, by using tests like an MRI to determine by the brain injuries pictures the amount of damage and the brain injury recovery treatment needed. When a person is injured in and needs a car accident lawyer for a crash that results in head injuries, they have rights, one of these rights is to legally hold the negligent party responsible.

This is done using an experienced Redondo Beach brain injury attorney, which is a personal injury attorney that specializes in head injuries. They understand that the victim could require ongoing medical care and even daily care for the rest of their lives and their financial needs will need to be a part of the lawsuit against the negligent driver, auto manufacturer, aftermarket part manufacturer or even the state or government agency responsible for roadway maintenance. If you were seriously injured in the South Bay, Contact a personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC: 21250 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 (424) 233-0709.