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Product Recalls to be Aware of from the Week of September 1

This past week, the Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC) has been busy. They have announced eight major product recalls across a wide range industries and consumer demographics. Consumers have the right to know if products they have purchased and use are potentially dangerous, and what steps to follow when a product they own and use has been recalled. If you have been injured by a recalled product due to its defectiveness, you may be entitled to compensation.


  • Orbea Avant Bicycles: bicycle manufacturer Orbea has recalled 715 of its Avant mode bicycle due to the risk of the front fork cracking and causing the bicyclist to crash and fall. All owners of an Orbea Avant bicycle should immediately stop riding the bike and contact Orbea for a free replacement and installation of the front fork. Orbea Avant bikes are sold nationwide at authorized retailers for a price point between $1,200 and $9,000.
  • iDevices Temperature Probes: iDevices has recalled about 50,000 of their cooking thermometer probes, the Pro Ambient Temperature Probes and Pro Meat Probes, due to a non-heat resistant plastic insulator located inside of the stainless steel device. This plastic insulator can melt and fall into the food, thus contaminating it and creating an ingestion hazard. The recalled products were manufactured from May through June of 2014. Consumers who own these temperature probes should immediately contact iDevices for a free replacement.
  • FGX International Children’s Sunglasses: FGX International has recalled about 215,000 of their children’s sunglasses due to having excessive levels of lead paint on the surface of the sunglasses, violating federal law. The recall affects their Disney, Marvel, and Sears/K-Mart brand models. Consumers need to immediately stop their children from wearing these sunglasses and return them to FGX International for a replacement and refund.
  • Yamaha Viper Snowmobiles: For those from frostier climates, or enjoy spending time in the mountain, it is important to note that Yamaha has recalled 2,150 of its 2014 and 2015 Viper Model Snowmobiles due to a fire hazard. It was discovered that the fuel hose joint can leak during the operation of the snowmobile and cause a fire hazard. Owners of these snowmobiles need to contact their local Yamaha dealerships to schedule a free repair. Yamaha is also contacting their customers directly.
  • Livie & Luca’s Carta and Cotton Children’s Shoes: Live & Luca, a children’s shoe manufacturer, has recalled 5,600 of their “Carta” and “Cotton” children’s shoe model. It was discovered that a metal thread inside of the interior shoe liner can poke through the lining and pose a laceration risk to the child. The consumer should take the shoes away from the child’s wardrobe and contact the retailer where the product was purchased to receive store credit or replacement. If ordered online from Livie & Luca, contact them for instructions on how to receive a  free replacement pair.


If you have been injured by any of these products, or injured by any defective product in general, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our aggressive and zealous product liability attorneys at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for a free and confidential consultation on your case. Call us today at 727-451-6900 or by our online contact form.

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