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Proceed with Caution Driving in Tampa: Wrong-Way Drivers

Anyone who has ever driven in downtown Tampa can attest to the random and seemingly haphazard selection of which roads allow for traffic in two directions and which roads are strictly for one way travel. I have lived in Tampa my entire life and I still find myself confused whenever I attend an event or go to Court in downtown Tampa. When driving in the downtown area during the evening hours, seeing headlights traveling toward you while on a one-way road is always a fear and a possibility. However, failure to observe one-way travel restrictions is not simply a metro area problem. Recently, there was a fatal and tragic accident which occurred in Tampa on I-275 wherein five men died. The driver’s toxicology report revealed traces of marijuana and that he had a blood alcohol content of .20 at the time of the crash. Then, a few weeks later, another man died in crash again on I-275 only 3 miles from the location of the first accident. Though the two incidents do not appear to be related, officials are baffled as to how to prevent additional similar crashes in the future. Finally, tragedy recently struck in Mundy Township, Michigan when a vehicle traveling the wrong way on the highway caused a fatal accident involving newlyweds and their 11 year-old son. Though, Bryan Collins and his son survived the accident, Mariah Bailey-Collins, did not. The couple had only been married three days when the crash occurred. The 18 year-old offending driver was treated for minor injuries and remanded to police custody but otherwise unharmed. Wrong-way driving is very often associated with head-on collisions. The Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA blog has spent a great deal of its blogging efforts on the discussion of the dangerousness of automobile collisions and the subsequent fallout they leave behind them. But no type of collision is as dangerous or fatal as a head-on collision, due to the physics involved with both objects traveling at speed on the same plane but in opposite directions as one another. Head-on collisions are typically related to drunk driving (as discussed above), speeding, distracted driving, and fatigued drivers. To help avoid head-on vehicle crashes, drivers should be ever mindful of their surroundings, make sure that their headlights are turned on when driving during the hours of dusk until dawn, never drive when tired or fatigued, stay within the speed limit, and do not drink and drive.

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