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Points to Ponder about Body Piercing

Getting a body piercing is a very personal decision, and as they can be painful, expensive, and infection-prone, there are many important things to consider before getting any kind of piercing done.

First of all, you should be absolutely certain that you are willing to commit to the permanence of a piercing. Although they can be removed, they can leave scars. Your workplace environment should also be heavily considered, as some piercings, particularly visible facial piercings, are often viewed as unprofessional and distracting. Also think about your ability to take care of the piercing following the procedure. Some piercings, especially in cartilage, can take up to a year to heal completely, and require daily care in the months following the piercing. The care process requires cleaning, sea salt rinses to increase circulation around the piercing, and daily turning of the new jewelry. If care and attention are not properly given to a new piercing, infections can result, which are painful, unsightly, and might mean having to remove the piercing and start the process over from the beginning. Before getting your piercing, you will want to ensure that you have the time, materials, and commitment for cleaning and maintaining your piercing.

A clean, safe piercing environment and a certified piercer are vital to the process of getting a successful piercing. Do research beforehand to find a reputable shop; some websites even allow you to view professional profiles of piercing artists so you can familiarize yourself with their skill level and previous services they have done. An experienced piercer can make the procedure much less painful, as they are skilled and practiced. The sanitation of the shop is also incredibly important. They should be friendly and comfortable, as well as clean and professional. Make sure your piercing artist wears gloves and uses a sterile needle and clean jewelry. It’s a good idea to visit several shops to make sure they are sanitary and professional. Piercers should be willing to answer any questions you have beforehand, explain the procedure they use, and tell you if the piercing you want is possible in the location you desire. It’s important to feel comfortable with your piercer, since piercings can be painful and nerve-racking, and you want to be in a safe and pleasant environment.

Where you go to get the piercing done depends on the specific type of piercing you want. Some jewelry and accessory stores offer piercings, but the piercing gun they use can crush and permanently damage cartilage. The piercing gun is generally better for lobe ear piercings, but in other locations, such as upper ear cartilage or the naval, piercings are safer and less painful when a needle is used. Most tattoo studios offer piercing services, and are an excellent place to consider for piercings, as they hire trained and professional artists. Some doctors’ offices are willing to do piercing, and they offer a very sanitary environment and procedure. Regardless of where you go, you should be sure that it’s clean and professional, and that you feel completely comfortable getting your piercing done there.

Be sure to eat before going to get your piercing, as that will decrease your chances of passing out during the piercing. Know your own personal level of pain tolerance, and ask how painful your piercing is expected to be. All piercings are generally considered painful, though some, such as nose and ear cartilage piercings, are usually thought to hurt more, because of the thickness of the skin. How painful the piercing is, though, will likely depend on the skill level of your piercing artist. Some piercings may bleed, so be prepared for that possibility. Also let your piercer know about any allergies or bleeding conditions that you might have. If you’re allergic to certain metals, be sure to inform them.

Serious thought needs to be put into getting a piercing, but if you do your research, ask questions, and take all the steps to prevent infection, a piercing can be very fun and unique, and will give you something new to love about the way you look.

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