A Victory for Plaintiffs in the Tylenol-Acetaminophen Autism Lawsuit


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A Victory for Plaintiffs in the Tylenol-Acetaminophen Autism Lawsuit Cover
A Victory for Plaintiffs in the Tylenol-Acetaminophen Autism Lawsuit
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A Victory for Plaintiffs in the Tylenol-Acetaminophen Autism Lawsuit

After avoiding a potential death blow, the Tylenol-acetaminophen autism lawsuit has continued to build momentum. 

With over 20 reputable studies displaying clear correlation between a high dosage of acetaminophen use in pregnant women and children born with neurological conditions, the claim has continued to gain steam, but also criticism. The pushback from wanting something as simple as a label warning pregnant women before Tylenol use has become concerning, but is further validating the claim.

Stan Gipe explains the recent losing argument filed by Walmart to derail the claim as preemption. “...The federal government already has a rule out there that addresses the warnings that need to be put on drugs before they're given to pregnant women,” a blanket warning that could cover any effects on pregnant women or their children. 

Matt Dolman breaks down the studies and desire of this claim, for women to have the full idea of risks when taking Tylenol, pregnant. A simple desire for women to be informed when faced with pain to use acetaminophen cautiously.

As the case continues to grow, stay updated with each victory, roadblock, and mounting decision. 

If you believe your child may have developed autism or ADHD due to acetaminophen use when pregnant, discuss your circumstances with an attorney who has experience with this type of sensitive subject matter. It’s important to go with a firm that understands the nuances of these cases and puts you at the front of the line to receive compensation.

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In this episode: 

  • [01:00] Stan Gipe breaks down the update to the Tylenol-acetaminophen autism claim, that the defendants are trying to avoid any actions
  • [01:49] Stan Gipe further explains the defendants argument as preemption 
  • [05:25] Matt Dolman cautions that the claim is not stating every pregnant woman who takes acetaminophen will cause their child to develop a neurological condition, but that it is a risk
  • [10:41] Why your physician encourages Tylenol use even if claims such as this are possible
  • [14:30] How to get in touch with Dolman Law Group

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