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Pedestrians May Be Victims of Serious Traffic Accident Related Injuries

Victims of Serious Traffic Accidents Can Be Pedestrians

Pedestrians, which includes individuals who are walking, jogging, running, or sitting in public, expect to be kept safe from negligent drivers. Unfortunately, many pedestrians, especially young children or older adults, are at risk of being involved in traffic accidents. In fact, pedestrians accounted for nearly 66,000 traffic-related injuries in 2013.[1]

Serious Injuries to Pedestrians Include:

Head Injury – Pedestrians struck by a vehicle run the risk of serious head injury including traumatic brain injury (TBI). Because a pedestrian does not usually walk around with protective headgear, he or she is at risk of suffering serious head injury if his or her head strikes either the vehicle or another surface following impact. When the brain strikes the inside of the skull, it can lead to brain trauma, which includes concussions. A severe impact can result in serious brain damage. This can cause a pedestrian to experience a permanent loss of motor or cognitive skills. Such injuries could affect the victim’s ability to perform basic tasks such as speaking, eating, or putting together basic ideas. Such an injury can result in not only necessary medical care but also a loss of a job and enjoyment of life.

Neck, Back, and Spinal Injuries – The lack of protection also leaves a pedestrian’s neck and back exposed. Being struck by a car can lead to significant, lasting injuries and complications related to these two areas. These injuries may include bruising, whiplash, damage to vertebrae, or even paralysis. The importance of these two areas cannot be understated. Impact with either a vehicle or with another surface can leave the neck very sore and immobile for a period of time. There can be an injury to the spine or back muscles that support an individual’s ability to move without pain. In some instances, the damage may require surgery in order to fix serious complications. Victims can suffer injuries to the neck and spine which can cause either temporary or permanent paralysis. Victims suffering from temporary paralysis are often faced with extended hospitalization and lengthy rehabilitation. This ensures that the recovery process is effective and does not result in additional complications. Extended hospitalization will likely result in a loss of income. Those who suffer permanent paralysis find themselves having to deal with costly medical bills as well as a loss of income, a loss of enjoyment of life, and other complications. The transition may require specific medical equipment and accommodations necessary to complete even the most basic of tasks.

Injured Extremities – Extremities are at risk of injury as well. The impact from a vehicle can cause pedestrians to suffer injuries such as scrapes, broken bones, or even, in some extreme cases, a loss of an extremity resulting from a serious injury.

Emotional Trauma – Not all injuries are physical. In fact, even if an individual does not suffer permanent physical injuries, he or she may suffer lasting emotional trauma. Because being struck by a vehicle is a traumatic experience, pedestrians may be unable to cope with the emotional trauma it causes.

Death – Pedestrians being struck by a vehicle are at high risk of death. This is caused not only by the sheer size of vehicles but also because of the lack of protection for the pedestrian.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 4,735 pedestrian deaths in 2013. Pedestrians are one of the few groups witnessing an increase in traffic related deaths.[2]

Contact a Clearwater, Florida Personal Injury Attorney If You Are a Pedestrian Who Has Suffered Traffic Accident Related Injuries

Pedestrians should feel as though they are safe from being victims of traffic accidents. Yet, pedestrians are sometimes injured as a result of negligent drivers. When injured, pedestrians deserve to recover damages for losses caused by medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering, among others. Here at the Dolman Law Group in Clearwater, Florida, we will thoroughly investigate your case to identify any possible theory of liability. We will ensure that you are able to bring forth all necessary causes of action in order to ensure you receive nothing less than the compensation you deserve.  Call us today at 727-451-6900 and schedule a free consultation with one of our team’s skilled attorneys.

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