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Pasco County School Board Takes Action Against Bus Driver Caught Texting

As a Clearwater personal injury attorney, I often deal with victims of horrific motor vehicle accidents caused by drivers who were distracted by either talking or texting on their cellular phone. If you have read my previous blogs, you would be aware that the action of texting while operating a motor vehicle makes you sixteen times more likely to be involved in an accident. Keep in mind that a number of studies indicate that a driver who is engaging in texting often takes his or her eyes off of the road for in excess of three to four seconds at a time. If you are operating your automobile at fifty (50) miles per hour, you can cover over sixty (60) yards in four seconds. That is a scary thought. The epidemic of texting and driving has become more and more prolific over the past two years.

I applaud the Pasco county School Board for terminating the employment of Dolores Conley on Monday after three hours of testimony was provided detailing that she had often engaged in texting and driving while students were on board the bus. Ms. Conley had previously been reprimanded four separate times and received a five- day suspension in 2010 for said behavior. For more information on this story, please read the full story from the St Petersburg Times.

It is time that this issue receives the attention it truly deserves. Texting while driving is not only dangerous, but displays a willful indifference for the safety of other drivers on the road. If you haven’t already, please watch my video on this topic below:

– Matthew A. Dolman

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