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Pacific Cycle Recalls Over 200,000 Jogging Strollers After Injuries Reported

Pacific Cycle and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) have issued a recall for more than 217,000 swivel wheel jogging strollers sold under the brands of Instep and Schwinn. There have been reports of over 200 injuries associated with the strollers. Indicated in the reports, the front wheel may become loose and detach during use, creating a crash and fall hazard.

All recalls are single and double occupant strollers, featuring a quick release mechanism designed for removing and affixing the front wheel. The strollers were made in China and sold in many different colors at small retailers nationwide, as well as online by Target, Amazon, Toys-Я-Us, Walmart, and other online stores. The model numbers of the strollers can be found along the inside of the frame above the rear wheel. A list of all the affected models along with recall instructions are available at the safety and recall section of the Pacific Cycle website.

Prior to the recall, the CPSC and Pacific Cycle were alerted to 132 incidents concerning the front wheels becoming loose and unstable. The result was 215 reported injuries including head injuries, sprains, lacerations, bumps and bruises. The strollers were sold from January 2010 through June 2016.

Anyone who currently possesses one of the recalled jogging strollers is requested to cease use until contacting Pacific Cycle. A repair kit that includes a replacement mechanism for securing the front wheel by use of a traditional screw fastener, replacing the quick release, will be provided free of charge to remedy the situation. Consumers are asked not to return the stroller to the place of purchase.

Injuries from Defective or Unsafe Consumer Products

Each year consumer products cause deaths, injuries and property damage that costs more than $700 billion according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The liability in these cases may be traced back to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, suppliers and others who make defective or unsafe products available. If anyone is injured or killed due the negligence of a provider of an unsafe product, that entity must be held accountable. A product liability attorney is needed in these cases. A skilled litigator in product liability claims can accurately determine who is wholly or partially responsible for injuries cause by a defective of unsafe product. It could be a parts manufacturer for producing a substandard part, the manufacturer who accepted and approved it or the retailer who sold it, knowing it was unsafe. The product liability attorney will find the responsible party and hold them accountable for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills as well as possible punitive damages.

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