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North Miami Beach Construction Site Accident Lawyer

North Miami Beach Construction Site Accident Lawyer
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North Miami Beach Construction Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence while on a construction site, either as a worker or as a visitor, Florida law may entitle you to compensation. Call one of Sibley Dolman’s North Miami Beach construction site accident lawyers today at (305) 676-8154, or contact us online, to assess the validity of filing a personal injury claim.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 25 percent of workplace fatalities in Florida occur in the construction industry. Not only are workers at risk, but even visitors run the risk of sustaining serious injuries, some fatal.

Sibley Dolman’s Results in Construction Site Accident Cases

At Sibley Dolman, we have significant experience representing clients in personal injury cases, including many involved construction site accidents. In past cases, we have secured millions of dollars in damages for our clients. While we cannot guarantee a favorable result in your case, we will fight to enforce your rights and strive to achieve the best possible results given your individual circumstances.

How Construction Site Accidents Injury People

Construction sites pose numerous risks. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the four most common accidents that occur at construction sites are:

  1. Falls
  2. Objects striking people
  3. Electrocutions
  4. Getting caught in or between something

Dubbed the Fatal Four by OSHA, these four scenarios caused more than 60 percent of all construction site fatalities in 2016. The Fatal Four can result in many injuries, including:

  • Lacerations, scrapes, bruises
  • Head trauma that causes concussions or traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries that might lead to paralysis
  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Back injuries
  • Electrical shock injuries that might include burns and damage to skin, organs, bones, and more
  • Death

Identifying Liability

Depending on the status of the victim, most construction site accidents fall under either Florida’s premises liability laws or workers’ compensation program. Workers who suffer an injury while on a construction site should file a workers’ compensation claim and should do so with the help of an experienced attorney. Complex workers compensation claims can escalate into a lawsuit depending on the circumstances of the accident. Your attorney will advise you on the appropriate course of action given your situation.

If the injured person is not an employee or contractor working on a construction site, the property owner or developer may bear liability for the victim’s injuries. Florida law requires that they both provide safe conditions for those who visit their properties. Otherwise, a court may determine that they breached their duty of care and hold them responsible for any injuries suffered by a visitor to the construction site.

Furthermore, the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer may face liability for an accident that occurred as a result of a defective product or piece of machinery. Your attorney will help you determine liability for your injuries.

Compensation for a Construction Site Accident

If you sustained an injury during a construction site accident, you may qualify to recover the following damages:

  • Medical expenses, including bills for ambulance services, hospital stays, doctor visits, surgeries, radiology, and prescription medication
  • Future medical costs in the event of a long-term condition or disability
  • Lost wages for time missed from work (a workers’ compensation claim will only cover 2/3 of your income, often necessitating the need to file a lawsuit to recover all of your lost income)
  • Future wages in the event that the injury disabled you to the point that you cannot return to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

The Responsible Parties Will Fight Your Claim to Save Money

Regardless of the circumstances of a construction site injury, defendants oftentimes attempt to avoid paying compensation, even when they are clearly liable. Injured construction workers should expect their employers to deny their workers’ compensation claims outright, or to suggest that their injuries are not as serious as claimed. Injured workers should hire an attorney from the outset to handle their workers’ comp cases and avoid needless delays in their benefits.

Workers’ comp claims are not dependent on fault. In cases where workers’ comp is not involved, defendants may attempt to shift the blame onto victims to avoid liability.

Florida is a pure comparative fault jurisdiction, which means that if a court determines that the victim was partially responsible for the injuries, the court will deduct the percentage of fault from any damages it awards the victim. For example, if the court calculates your damages at $100,000, and also determines that you were 10 percent at fault for your injuries, the court would reduce your compensation to $90,000.

This legal doctrine provides defendants a major incentive to suggest that the victim’s actions caused the accident. Defendants may suggest that the injured person incorrectly used a product or piece of machinery, wasn’t wearing the proper safety equipment, or was improperly standing in a hazardous area. An experienced personal injury attorney will anticipate these strategies by defendants, fight to hold them accountable, and work to get the best possible outcome given your circumstances.

Call an Experienced North Miami Beach Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Most personal injury law firms offer free consultations to evaluate a case and determine an individual’s eligibility for recovering compensation. Generally, victims do not have to pay any attorney’s fees up front if the attorney chooses to represent you. Rather, most attorneys accept personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning that your attorney will only recover fees if your attorney obtains a settlement or verdict for you.

If you were injured on a construction site in the North Miami Beach area, Florida law might entitle you to compensation. Let an experienced construction site accident lawyer investigate your case, worry about the procedural details, and guide you through the complex court process while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call Sibley Dolman today at (305) 676-8154, or contact us online, to schedule a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case with one of our experienced construction site accident lawyers.

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