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New Port Richey Dog Bite

If you or a loved one have been injured by a dog, please call our New Port Richey Dog Bite Attorneys at our New Port Richey office today for a free consultation.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation says that more than 800,000 Americans [1] receive medical attention for dog bites on an annual basis. At least one-half of those who receive medical attention are children with senior citizens being the second most common dog bite victims.

Preventing Dog Bites in New Port Richey

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a listing of basic safety tips for preventing dog bites [2]:

Things You Should Not Do

  • Do NOT approach an unfamiliar dog.
  • Do NOT run from a dog.
  • Do NOT panic or make loud noises.
  • Do NOT disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies.
  • Do NOT encourage a dog to play aggressively.
  • Do NOT allow small children to play with a dog unsupervised.

Things You Should Do

  • Remain still when approached by an unfamiliar dog.
  • Contact an adult or local authorities about stray dogs or dogs that behave strangely.
  • If an unfamiliar dog knocks you over, curl into a ball and cover your head and ears with your hands.

Call a New Port Richey Dog Bite Attorney Today

Even if an individual takes all of these preventative steps and more, dog bites still occur, many of which are serious. If that happens, seek medical attention as soon as possible especially if the dog bite is deep or if you are not current with a tetanus shot. It is also possible that you received psychological harm caused by the stress of being attacked and bitten by a dog in addition to any physical injuries. After receiving medical treatment, you should consider speaking to a dog bite lawyer to review the specifics of your case and apply Florida laws and regulations to best protect your interests. This area of the law can be complicated making it necessary to have an attorney guide and assist you through this process so that you can receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled. Please call our New Port Richey office today for a free consultation at 727-853-6275.

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