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"May Is Motorcycle Safety Month Florida Motorcycle Attorney Discusses Safety on the Roads"

May is national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and this year’s motto is “Share the road, and look twice for motorcyclists”. While it may seem silly to dedicate a specific month to an issue that should be considered year-round, May will give motorcyclists the opportunity to try to educate other drivers on the safest ways to share the road. Well educated drivers will know to use their mirrors to check for motorcycles in adjacent lanes, and to check blind spots before changing lanes. This one tip alone could save a lot of bikers from tragic injuries but it’s important that drivers are aware of some additional tips for safely sharing the road. It is our goal to educate drivers statewide to help facilitate motorcycle accidents and injuries in Florida.

Drivers should: always use turn signals to indicate upcoming turns or lane shifts; keep a safe distance (4 or 5 seconds) from riders in front of them; ensure that a motorcyclist is actually going through with a turn that has been or is being signaled before proceeding; and, of course, no driver should ever operate any motor vehicle while distracted. These basic driver tips, if shared with everyone on the road, would go a long way in improving motorcycle safety in Florida across the country…But it doesn’t end there.

We all know that the dangers associated with motorcycle riding increases exponentially as soon as another driver enters the roadway. But not everyone knows how to ensure that the other driver on the road pays attention to us. A few safety tips for riders include: Wearing reflective or bright colored clothing while riding; using turn signals and hand signals for all lane changes and turns; positioning yourself in the lane so that the vehicles around you are most likely to see you; and, of course, wearing protective gear such as Kevlar and helmets.

These tips will serve to protect against incompetent and inattentive drivers, but ultimately, we have to rely on them to notice us. Sometimes that’s just not possible. Safely sharing the road with motorcyclists is a duty that extends to all drivers. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida resulting from the negligence of another driver call Dolman Law Group today at: (727) 451-6900.

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