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The U.S. Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform reports that many baby food products contain unsafe heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury levels. CBS reporting specifies that Enfamil formula products are among this group. Journals like Biometals also link exposure of infants to these metals to an increased risk of cancer. If your infant is diagnosed with particular cancer after consuming Enfamil, retain an Enfamil lawsuit lawyer. Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, you could sue the company and seek compensation for injuries. Your lawyer will also advise you on other legal options that could affect your Enfamil baby formula cancer risk case.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis Is an

One resulting primary infection after infants consume Enfamil is necrotizing enterocolitis. The journal Advances in Nutrition states that cow's milk-based formula is linked to necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Cleveland Clinic affirms that NEC is a bacterial intestinal infection that causes tissue deterioration inside an infant's intestines. This infection typically occurs in premature and underweight babies born at 37 weeks or before. It can also affect full-term babies with underlying conditions like digestive system problems or more red blood cells than usual. What when an infant has NEC:
  • Their intestinal tissue begins deteriorating in the inner wall lining before spreading to the entire thickness and length of the intestine.
  • When the bacteria eat away the infant's intestines, they get into the baby's bloodstream and cause an infection called sepsis.
  • At this stage of NEC infection, surgery is necessary to remove the damaged sections of the infant's intestines.
Symptoms of NEC infection start showing within two to three weeks after infection. They include:
  • Refusing to feed
  • Worrying bowel movements like diarrhea and bloody stool
  • Varying body temperature and a slow heart rate
  • A swollen stomach
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Evidence of septic shock

Other Risks of Consuming Enfamil Baby Formula

In addition to inciting necrotizing enterocolitis infection, Enfamil may contain heavy metals that expose infants to risks of other diseases like


The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reports that some of the metals present in Enfamil, like lead and cadmium, are linked to attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Symptoms of ADHD include impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and short attention span.

Neurotoxic Effects

As established earlier, baby formulas tend to contain high levels of arsenic. Even if the effects of arsenic metal exposure are not immediate, this substance is a “human developmental neurotoxicant” (according to the Annals of Global Health journal). This term describes something that can negatively affect the brain and central nervous system.

Cardiovascular Problems

Arsenic and cadmium are some of the metals present in Enfamil baby formula. The BMJ reports that these metals are also linked to cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

Brain Damage

The U.S. Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform states that formulas like Enfamil with heavy metals potentially expose infants to the risk of irreversible brain damage. Consumption of this formula also poses a significant risk of slow growth, reduced intelligence, and disruptive behavior.

If Your Infant Is Diagnosed With Cancer After Consuming Enfamil

For infants diagnosed with cancer linked to Enfamil baby formula, there are legal options you can utilize to pursue a settlement for the infant's injuries. After diagnosis, the first thing to do is retain an Enfamil lawsuit lawyer. Your lawyer will analyze your case and guide you on the following legal steps. Next is to ensure you gather all the necessary documents proving that the cancer results from Enfamil consumption. Typically, your lawyer will guide you on what the essential documents are. Generally, documents that may be necessary to file an personal injury lawsuit include
  • Medical records proving cancer diagnosis
  • Experts' accounts of the cancer diagnosis
  • Receipts showing purchase of Enfamil baby formula
  • Empty packages of the product
Even though following up on a lawsuit after your infant's cancer diagnosis is essential, your priority should be your baby's health. Your Enfamil lawsuit lawyer likely has experience in similar cases and will do their best to get you the best compensation possible.

Forms of Compensation You Could Recover for Enfamil-Related Cancer

Your baby's infection or cancer might result from feeding on the Enfamil baby formula while in prenatal care at a hospital. In this case, the hospital could be liable under a medical negligence lawsuit. You could also secure compensation from the manufacturer for producing a toxic product without including a warning. In case of cancer or NEC infection after a baby takes Enfamil, you could recover damages for the following:
  • Current and future medical costs to cater to your child's injuries
  • Pain and suffering for the stress, emotional and psychological distress your child's injuries will cause
  • Other costs you may incur while catering to your child's illness
  • Loss of income if you had to stop working to take care of your children

How Can an Enfamil Lawsuit Lawyer Help?

Are you dealing with the high costs of cancer treatments and the stress of your baby's illness? With all this on your plate, seeking compensation for the baby's injuries can be challenging. Our team can help in the following ways:
  • Filing paperwork
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement or judgment
  • Making your case in court, if necessary
  • Answering your questions
  • Keeping you updated
  • Valuating your losses
  • Gathering evidence to benefit your case
  • Speaking with your child's medical team to understand their prognosis

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