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The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act and how the Money Raised by Those Violating Traffic Laws Has Served to Benefit Society

As Florida drivers, we see them popping up throughout our towns, they’re the “big brothers” of the road. Our initial feeling is to resent those tiny cameras that sit above traffic lights waiting to capture improper conduct by motorists. When an offense is committed, the appropriate fine is mailed to the offender, who has a specific amount of time the pay such. What few may realize is that a percentage of the violation fees we bitterly pay are actually being put to a great cause.

In 2010, the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was passed in Florida, which allocates a portion of each fine toward research conducted at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. The Act’s dispersion of funds produced from negligent drivers is in place to aid victims of car accidents who suffer from traumatic injuries; injuries which often result in paralysis.

The Act is named in honor of Melissa Wandall’s husband, whose life was taken by a red-light runner two weeks before their daughter was born. Melissa is now a road safety advocate and has partnered with The Miami Project’s Chief Fundraiser, Marc Buoniconti, to create a public service video which discusses the advantages the Act has brought to Florida through the safety camera program.

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis is comprised of over 200 researchers who focus on answering questions that help define human spinal cord injury and reveal strategies for the repair of damaged spinal tissue. Over the last 20 years, The Miami Project team has also made claim to several medical achievements. The project has pioneered the idea of a multidisciplinary approach to spinal cord injury (SCI) research, and was the first to build a state-of-the art SCI research center that contains the tools and technology, that in the hands of researchers will offer advances to a cure.

To date, the Wandall Safety Act has provided The Miami Project with $2 million over 18 months, and continues to support The Miami Project’s research. Members of the project have aspirations to extend far beyond Florida residents – treating anyone suffering from spinal cord injuries and other neurological diseases.

The injury law attorneys at the Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA regularly handle spine injury cases and applaud the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act for advancements in the treatment of paralysis and spinal cord injuries. By channeling a portion of money collected as a result of traffic violations, we are seeing advancements in spinal cord and spine injury research.

Matthew Dolman is a Florida injury law attorney who routinely handles insurance claims relating to injuries suffered as a result of an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident as well as traumatic brain injuries and injuries suffered as a result of the negligence exhibited by a drunk driver.