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Is Laser Spine Surgery As Good As Advertised

Laser spine surgery is still considered risky despite the heavy advertising employed by Surgeons and medical providers who perform such. Bloomberg and Business Week published an extremely unflattering expose on Laser Spine Institute and the practice of laser spine surgery back in 2011. Little has changed since.

Video Transcription

A word about laser spine surgery — I’m often asked by clients, some of them current clients, former clients, or prospective clients about the need for laser spine surgery and if it’s a solution to their ongoing chronic back and neck pain that they suffered as the result of an automobile or motorcycle accident. The short answer is not necessarily. Tread very lightly with laser spine surgery. Look at the online reviews and do a lot of research. There’s a lot of criticism out there about this type of procedure. Bloomberg Magazine and Businessweek, in conjunction, published an expose about Laser Spine Institute. Research this online or go to www.DolmanLaw.com, go into the search bar at the top and look for laser spine surgery. It will pull up a number of blogs that I’ve written over the past year about the actual procedure of laser spine surgery, the criticism that has been offered by the Mayo Clinic, Bloomberg, and many other respectable publications and medical providers.

This is a procedure that has no long term studies that demonstrate the prognosis of individuals who suffer from chronic back pain or neck pain with significant disco genetic pathology that underwent laser spine surgery. Oftentimes and around the Tampa Bay community, you see individuals who are not even surgeons performing these surgeries. You’ll see anesthesiologists and psychiatrists that are performing laser spine surgery on your back or neck and they’re not fellowship trained in orthopedic surgery. How is this possible? I can’t answer that but I know if I had permanent injury to my neck or back or suspected such, if I had chronic pain in my neck or back, I would see a Board Certified orthopedic spine surgeon or neurosurgeon at a reputable clinic in order to avoid laser spine surgery based on all the information I’ve heard to date. Many times surgeons affiliated with laser spine surgery treatment centers like Laser Spine Institute bill numerous times the actual national average for a similar procedure, procedures that are often done again by non-surgeons. Be very careful. Read the expose written by Businessweek and Bloomberg.

Laser Spine Institute itself had a medical malpractice rate several times the national average. This is scary. Research Hulk Hogan and his recent case against Laser Spine Institute. I’m not forming any conclusions nor am I going to tell you that Laser Spine Institute is wrong or they’re guilty of malpractice or doing anything that’s wrong or improper conduct. What I am saying is that the research is not there to show the long term efficacy of such treatment. The research is there. There are peer reviewed medical journal citations on the effects of actual spine surgery, invasive procedures. But that isn’t the case on laser spine surgery. Further, these procedures often cost several times the national average of what a like kind spine surgeon will charge for what is considered a more invasive procedure, and that’s another misnomer. Laser spine surgery does not necessarily mean it’s less invasive. It’s a term of art. They’re often heating up the disc and in many cases causing permanent nerve damage around the areas that surround your disc based on a faulty laser spine surgery procedure that should never have been performed.

For more information, research laser spine surgery criticism on the internet. Just put in that search term into Google or check out my website at DolmanLaw.com and read my blog and research laser spine surgery. Put it in the search engine on my blog and you’ll see the number of articles I’ve written in the last year blogging about the criticism of laser spine surgery, the Mayo Clinic’s interpretation of laser spine surgery, and what Bloomberg and Businessweek had to say about again laser spine surgery and Laser Spine Institute. Thank you.

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