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“Largo Wrongful Death Attorney Discusses The Importance of Safety Belts Another Tragic Pinellas County Automobile Accident”

Michael Graziano Pronounced Dead From Injuries As A Result Of April 3, Car Wreck

Michael Graziano, the brother of a Clearwater man injured for life in a 2007 crash involving the son of Hulk Hogan, died on Friday, April 13, 2012, from injuries sustained in an early morning car wreck that took place in Largo on April 3. Michael Graziano sustained critical injuries when he was the passenger in a Volvo operated by Cameron Bosley that crashed into the back of a dump truck at 3 A.M., at Ulmerton Road and 66th Street in Largo, Florida. Sadly, neither Mr. Graziano nor Mr. Bosley was wearing seat belts. A seat belt may have precluded both men from suffering critical injuries and potentially saved the life of Michael Graziano whose tragic death has wrecked a family already reeling from the tragic accident in 2007 that left his brother John with permanent life altering injuries.

Although no charges have been filed as of date, Florida Highway Patrol is awaiting results from a toxicology study as well as an ongoing investigation before making a final determination. However, FHP has stated that it is believed that Mr. Bosley was operating the vehicle at an excessive speed prior to slamming into the rear of the dump truck. There has been no determination whether Mr. Bosley was racing at the time of this tragic Largo accident.

This is yet another example in the long list of tragedies involving drivers and passengers who fail to heed the very important warning regarding the necessity of wearing a safety belt. Whether it is texting and driving or failing to utilize a safety belt; I continue to lose patience with the shockingly large portion of Florida drivers and passengers who willingly take unnecessary risks without comprehending just how precious life is.

As a Largo injury attorney, I devote much of my time and our blog to educating Pinellas County residents on the importance of utilizing safety belts and avoiding distractions such as cellphones and other electronic devices while operating an automobile or motorcycle. All it takes is a second for your life to change forever.