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Hurt in a Tampa Area Aviation Accident? Next Steps to Take

If Pinellas County residents have been paying attention to the headlines in the local newspapers, they are bound to have noticed the sudden increase in plane accident stories. One tragic accident occurred on Caspersen Beach near Sarasota, Florida.

Ommy Irizarry and his daughter, Oceana, were walking along the beach enjoying the vacation their family had taken to celebrate Ommy and his wife, Rebecca’s, wedding anniversary. At the same, Karl Kokomoor was flying his 1972 Piper Cherokee airplane when he made a distress call to the Venice Beach Airport on his return flight back to the airport. Kokomoor was unable to control his aircraft long enough to make it back to the airport, and made a crash landing on the beach, right along where the sand and water meet. The accident damaged the plane’s wing, propeller, and caused the plane to lose a wheel.

This emergency landing accident, however, did even more damage imaginable not related to the plane. As the plane landed on the beach, the debris struck both Ommy and Oceana Irizarry as they were walking along the water. Ommy was announced to have perished upon impact, and the 9-year-old Oceana was rushed to a local St. Petersburg hospital, where she perished a few days later. Two innocent lives lost in a freak air plane accident.

Aviation accidents are rare but when they happen, serious injuries can occur. Those injured in the accident may be entitled to compensation if the accident was a result of a particular party’s negligence. In order to determine the liability of the accident, an experienced attorney will first consult the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) investigation report.

When a plane crashes or makes an emergency landing, the NTSB launches an investigation into the case to determine the cause of the accident. The size of the investigative team and the length of the investigation depend on the scale of the accident.

However, most attorneys will feel the need to launch their own investigation into the incident as well to determine if any of the following factored in to the accident:

  • Pilot error
  • Maintenance error
  • Faulty aircraft design
  • Poor flight communications

If it is discovered that the accident was a result of the previously listed problems, the attorney will then proceed in fighting for the compensation you deserve.


There is no amount of money that can make tragedies like the one the Irizarry family suffered go away. However, compensation for the damages suffered to your family as a result of the accident can help with the recovery process. It is also important to hold those who were negligent in the incident responsible for their actions.

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