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What to Do if You Are Injured in a Ride-Share Crash in Florida

Ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft, after an uphill battle, are apparently in the Florida transportation market to stay, despite the efforts of the taxi industry to stop them. These ride-share companies offer several benefits to their customers. They are easily accessible thru a smartphone app, they arrive quickly using a GPS, they are not discreet rather than rolling advertisements, and they are generally less expensive than a taxi, depending upon the level of the ride.

Due to the fact that ride-sharing is a young and unregulated industry, the chances of the ride-share driver being underinsured are great. Unlike a taxi, where the driver is an employee and is insured by the taxicab company, drivers of ride-sharing vehicles are more like independent contractors who are permitted by the company to be self-insured. If you are injured in a ride-share accident the driver’s insurance company may refuse to pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. Although in all fairness, the ride-share company should assume the responsibility for injuries to you or a loved one; there is no guarantee that they will.

In many cases a driver’s insurance does not cover ride-sharing. If a Florida ride-share accident should occur, the insurance company may point to a “driving for profit” clause that is present in most personal auto insurance policies. Even though the ride share company allows drivers to operate with their own personal insurance, there may be no coverage for passengers.

Insurance regulators in several states have warned that the “additional coverage” offered by ride share companies may not cover your medical bills or underinsured motorists, despite the ride-share companies claim that they carry supplemental insurance of up to $1 million.

It may be expected that you use your own insurance to cover an accident in the event that the ride-share driver is under insured. If you have no insurance because you do not drive or have minimal insurance, you could be left in a financial quagmire if you are seriously injured.

What You Should Do If You Are Injured in a Florida Ride-Share Accident

Like any other paid transportation service, a ride-share company such as Uber or Lyft should have a duty of care to their passengers. If, through the negligence or carelessness of their driver, you suffer an injury, than they have violated that duty. You should be compensated for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering. If the ride share company refuses to take responsibility and not adequately compensate you, an experienced public transportation injury attorney is your best ally.

A skilled personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf against the ride-share company and also any other drivers that may have contributed to the accident. If you were injured in another vehicle, or as a pedestrian, and the ride-share driver was not carrying a passenger, the ride-share company may try to claim that the driver was not working at the time. If the driver was using the app he would be considered on duty. An experienced attorney would be critical in making that determination.

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