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Several Patients Injured by Contaminated Stem Cell Products

Stem Cell Product Controversy Regarding Contamination Concerns

The center for disease control is currently investigating a number of cases of bacterial infections among patients that received stem cell products to help treat a number of different ailments; mostly chronic joint and back pains. The stem cell products that were given to the patients that developed bacterial infections are believed to have been made sick by contamination of the stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord blood processed by a San Diego stem cell manufacturer called Genetech.

A total of 12 patients ended up being hospitalized as a result of their infections and all managed to make it through with a mortality rate of zero. The infections ranged across three states including Texas, Florida, and Arizona contributing seven, four, and one case respectively. A CDC investigation of the outbreak of infections discovered that E. coli bacteria was in unopened vials at two stem cell clinics where the patients that suffered infections were treated. The stem cell product in question that is believed to have caused all of these infections is known as the ReGen Series and is distributed by the company Liveyon LLC and manufactured by Genetech.

As a result of the outbreak of infections among patients, the stem cells were recalled last October. In addition to the recall of possibly contaminated stem cells, the FDA sent a warning letter to Genetech stating that the companies standards for selection, manufacturing, and safety were deficient. In addition to this letter to Genetech, the FDA also sent letters to 20 other stem cell providers informing them that regulations and guidelines for cell-based regenerative medicine regarding stem-cells would be enforced more stringently as a result of the outbreak. Stem-cell therapy has been subject to criticism because of its use before clinical testing is thoroughly undertaken to conclusively determine the safety risks and effects.

Patients Injured by Negligent Medical Products Can Seek Compensation

Those that have suffered injuries like the patients who suffered infections as a result of contaminated stem cells have a right to compensation for the damages they sustained. When Genetech failed to take the proper precautions to ensure that the stem cells they were providing weren’t safe for patients they demonstrated negligent behavior that could make them liable in a product liability claim. Product liability claims hold companies like genetech accountable for their actions when they negligently put out products with defective design, manufacture, or labeling. In the case of genetech and the contaminated stem cells, a product liability claim would seek to recover damages based on Genentech’s negligent manufacturing practices.

Filing a product liability claim against a company such as Genetech is no simple task. The injuries suffered by those who had stem cell therapy were quite severe and taking on a large medical supply company like Genetech should never be done alone. Consider hiring an experienced product liability attorney as your legal representation. The lawyers of Dolman Law Group have years of experience making sure that plaintiffs injured by dangerous medical products get the compensation that they not only need but deserve. For a free consultation on your possible product liability claim contact us today at 727-451-6900 or fill out a contact form online.

What is Stem-Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy and the use of stem cell products has become a somewhat controversial new form of medical treatment used for a number of ailments ranging from cancer to chronic pain. Stem cells themselves are the body’s raw materials when it comes to developing cells with more specialized functions. Stem cells have the unique ability to divide into daughter cells that can either be stem cells or specialized cells in certain conditions that will fulfill a certain function in the body. It is this ability to create specialized cells under certain conditions that interest the medical community since it has a massive potential to provide insight into how the body works on but more importantly potential to provide a number of breakthrough treatments and even cures for a number of health issues.

Controversy Surrounding Stem Cell Products and Therapy Risk

While stem cell research shows immense promise in advancing a number of medical treatments, progress must be made one careful step at a time. With the excitement surrounding stem cells as a wonder treatment capable of aiding almost anything, a number of opportunists naturally came forward to take advantage of the public’s excitement by putting out treatments and products not clinically tested and unapproved by the FDA. The FDA currently only approves of a pretty limited amount of stem cell products listed on their site. Stem cell products and therapies have been falsely advertised by clinics all over and they provide treatments that have not been properly tested to ensure a patient’s safety.

Seek an Experienced Florida Product Liability Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because of a stem cell product or therapy then do not hesitate to contact Dolman Law Group for a free consultation. Our skilled lawyers have experience in assisting in drug injury claims and getting clients the compensation that they deserve. We are more than happy to hear the details of your case and advise you on what kind of legal options are available to you. Dolman Law Group knows that the injuries suffered because of defective and dangerous medical products can be especially damaging and we will fight for your right to compensation.

Dolman Law Group is a Clearwater-based serious injury and civil trial law firm. Our injury law attorneys have represented a long list of individuals who have suffered critical and/or fatal injuries. It is our steadfast goal to prosecute those responsible for releasing these hazardous medications while knowing their dangers. When you hire Dolman Law Group you are hiring a firm that will give you the personal attention one would expect from a smaller firm with big firm results.

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