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“Hulkamania” is running wild on Laser Spine Institute

Terry Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, recently filed a “Big Boot” of a malpractice lawsuit against the Tampa, FL branch of Laser Spine Institute, alleging that the clinic performed unnecessary surgeries that ended his career in the ring. The case is now pending in the Pasco-Pinellas court system.

This suit isn’t surprising, in light of our numerous articles on the subject:

Bollea originally spoke with three Tampa Bay area spine surgeons and each recommended an open lumbar fusion, which Laser Spine Institute does not offer. Yet, he chose Laser Spine Institute due to claims by their physicians they could solve his chronic lower back pain with minimally invasive procedures. Further, the physicians at Laser Spine Institute boasted that the minimally invasive procedures offer a quicker recovery time.

Bollea paid a hefty price for this treatment, with final bills exceeding $100,000.00. The numerous procedures performed by the physicians at Laser Spine Institute failed to alleviate Mr. Bollea’s back pain. Further, his lawsuit alleges that he suffered significant bone loss and increased spine instability as a result of the unnecessary procedures. Additionally, his attorney Will Florin claims that Bollea missed out on numerous lucrative financial opportunities including a matchup with John Cenna.

Laser Spine responded, confirming that the suit was filed, but declined to comment further. Their statement claimed that the Institute cares about its patients and quality of life. However, the surgeons at Laser Spine Institute stated in no uncertain terms they can fix him with a quicker recovery and greater success than the traditional surgeries recommended by the fellow surgeons.

Even if Bollea’s case isn’t successful in getting a “three-count”, we hope that this brings attention to the issues surrounding laser spine surgery. There are a number of cases where laser surgery is not necessary. As always, we recommend that persons who receive a recommendation for laser spine surgery seek a second opinion from an independent physician. Furthermore, we hope that Mr. Bollea can find some relief from the physical pain that he experiences.

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