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Helmets Aren’t Enough: The Prevalence of Spine Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

As injury law attorneys and avid boxing fans, my partners and I have been stunned by the latest news concerning a former world champion. Boxer Paul “The Punisher” Williams will likely be hanging up his gloves and turning the lights out early on what has been a very successful career this week.  With only two losses during his entire career it seems strange for a man so young (30 years old) to walk away from a sport where he is one of the most feared and avoided fighters around; that is until you realize that The Punisher didn’t walk away from the sport. In fact, the athletic, 6-foot-1 fighters won’t be walking at all anymore after a May 27th motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

With the high rate of occurrence and severity of head injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, spinal injuries are often overlooked as a danger to riders. But unlike the head, riders don’t have the option of wearing a helmet on their spine. “You can be wearing goalie equipment on those motorcycles and it’s not going to protect you…” Williams’ promoter Dan Goossen said. Injuries like this are extremely prevalent when dealing with motorcycle accidents, with the spine most often being injured in thoracic region. Part of the explanation for this is that the use of a helmet significantly decreases the odds of a cervical spine injury.

Williams is still in his prime; at only 30 years old, he was scheduled to fight again in September. But that fight won’t be happening as Williams was left without feeling below the waist after swerving to avoid an oncoming car and crashing left him hospitalized in serious condition. This type of accident is often unavoidable and more often than not the result of negligent driving on the part of someone other than the biker. Because of these situations, it is important to wear the appropriate motorcycle safety equipment and know your rights. As a Florida Motorcycle Attorney, I have seen first-hand the horrific injuries cased by motorcycle accidents. A majority of the bikers I have represented were injured as a result of accidents that could have been easily avoided if the motorist simply looked out for their motorcycle counterparts.

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