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Handheld Device Could Detect Brain Injury at Car Accident

If you have been following our blog at Dolmanlaw.com, you will note that we regularly provide updates to our readers on a number of areas of the law and medicine that relates to our areas of practice as a personal injury law firm. As a Clearwater personal injury attorney, one of our main practice areas involves representing automobile accident and motorcycle accident victims whom have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of trauma.

Over 1.4 million cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) are diagnosed yearly. Due to the lack of proper diagnosis and early critical care in the crucial one-hour period following the onset of the actual traumatic injury, an estimated 50,000 people die as a result. Certain types of brain injuries followed by appropriate and immediate treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Unlike a broken arm or open wound, brain injuries are not visible to the eye and require diagnostic equipment to detect such. Doctors rely on CT and MRI imaging systems for accurate assessment, but both are rarely available to emergency medical personnel at accident sites.

A new handheld device using near-infrared senses may be the solution to detecting hematomas in patients with a traumatic brain injury. Hematoma occurs when blood vessels are damaged and blood seeps out into surrounding tissue where it can result in both serious and dangerous inflammation. The hand held device will be moved continuously over the cranium in the search of internal bleeding; when a change in blood volume is indicated a motion-generated noise will signal. It will also be able to detect the three different types of hemoglobin likely to be found in hematomas (oxy, deoxy, and met-hemoglobin), helpful in distinguishing between chronic and acute situations.

This device can be used at the scene of a car accident in contrast to the automobile accident victim waiting until they have reached a hospital to be evaluated. Having an instrument capable of rapid and accurate patient assessment available in the field provides a number of advantages to healthcare providers, speedy triage being a major one. Better triage also leads to more efficient use of costlier diagnostic equipment and translates to more appropriate care earlier on.

This is an exciting new development in the ever-evolving area concerning the treatment of traumatic brain injury. Although, it may be some time before we see the implementation and circulation of such device, it should prove very helpful to enabling timely and essential treatment in an expeditious manner following a closed head injury. This could prove to be a crucial advance in treating victims of an automobile accident or motorcycle accident that has suffered a closed head injury.

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