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Four Types of Crashes Caused by Distracted Uber Drivers

Distracted Uber and Lyft Drivers Cause Serious Car Accidents

Uber continues being one of the top ride-sharing services in America (next to Lyft), but risks are always present when you depend on their drivers. While they’ve improved somewhat on properly vetting their drivers, you’re nonetheless putting your life in their drivers’ hands. Many would argue it’s no different taking a taxi; yet, many taxi drivers aren’t operating independently like Uber drivers are.

Too many Uber accidents occur here in Florida. One reason is that Uber has become very popular in the Sunshine State due to the high rate of tourism. What kind of crashes might potentially happen? On a national scale, you’ll find a long list of Uber accidents around the country. In some big cities, Uber accidents outnumber accidents from yellow cabbies by far.

1. Distracted Driving Causes Uber Accidents

A major fault in Florida is our lack of an official law in texting while driving. While a legislative bill did try to pass earlier this year, it ultimately didn’t materialize. The only way texting while driving is punished in Florida is if a police officer pulls someone over first for a separate violation. Your Uber driver may get away with this when they realize the police aren’t around; it could also lead to a serious accident as a result.

Distracted driving is one of the worst causes of accidents both in Florida and every other state. Texting isn’t the only source for this either. Being distracted could mean talking too much to a passenger while driving, or even listening to music with headphones. In Florida, we’re a No-Fault state, meaning all drivers have Personal Injury Protection coverage. Rather than suing one another out of the gate, this coverage helps pay for medical coverage, regardless of who’s at fault in the Uber accident.

Dealing with insurance, though, is complicated, which is why you need legal protection after experiencing an Uber accident.

2. Mechanical Failures Because Of Distracted Uber Divers

The car your Uber driver is using may need maintenance, possibly causing a serious mechanical failure while on the road. Brake failure or a tire blowout are just two possible scenarios if the car hasn’t had service recently.

Uber has made headlines for mechanical failure, with one high-profile incident involving a self-driving Uber car. Recently, Uber was testing a prototype for one of their self-driving cars in Arizona, and a fatal accident occurred. A pedestrian was struck and killed by the car simply because an autonomous program designed to detect objects in the road failed. Oddly enough, the operator of the self-driving car was streaming “The Voice” on Hulu when the collision occurred. Those who are already against self-driving vehicles may find this another reason they’d never ride in a self-driving Uber car.

Human drivers are also, however, capable of striking a pedestrian due to distracted driving. More importantly, human drivers are also 100 percent responsible for maintaining their vehicles: failing to do so can lead to disastrous results for drivers, passengers, and other motorists.

3. Fatal Uber Crashes in Intersections

A distracted Uber driver could also end up having a collision with a car in an intersection, leading to potentially horrific outcomes; two crashes occurring in South Florida over the last couple of years show you the reality of what can happen in an intersection collision.

One particular crash occurred in Miami in December 2015. A 20-year old passenger took an Uber one night after being at a Miami nightclub. The driver made a left turn at an intersection but didn’t see an oncoming Toyota Corolla. When the Toyota crashed into the side of the Uber car, it caused the latter to roll over and burst into flames. Tragically, the passenger died. The victim’s family later sued Uber and the driver for wrongful death.

Another example comes from Orlando where a 73-year-old Uber driver turned into an intersection, causing another collision with a car. To make things worse, the other car involved was a police SUV. Both drivers had serious injuries, though a 28-year-old male passenger in the Uber car lost his life.

As you can see, intersections are a big problem in South Florida. The cases listed above were clear examples of distracted driving, a constant concern for passengers on Florida roads.

4. A Robbery While Driving

Some Clearwater residents may have heard about a recent case involving an Uber driver who crashed his car after being shot in the abdomen. This incident occurred in July 2017, and it quickly made local headlines. Obviously, this was an unusual case, though the driver claimed being shot wasn’t his fault; according to reports, the driver claimed he was jumped by a passenger, which led to the gunshot. After being shot, he ended up crashing his car into a construction zone.

At the time of the crash, the driver, fortunately, didn’t have a passenger in his car. Nevertheless, it shows what could potentially happen in a scenario where an Uber driver is attacked. Many of these crimes occur in the middle of the night when darkness already makes for low visibility. A pedestrian could easily be hit in a scenario where the driver becomes attacked while driving. Whether the Uber driver (and Uber itself) would become responsible for a pedestrian injury is all determined based on available evidence.

Gathering evidence is absolutely critical to recovering any compensation from companies like Uber. An experienced Uber accident attorney can ensure nothing is missed, and ensure the case you present is as strong as possible.

Seek an Experienced Florida Uber and Lyft Accident Attorney

Not all personal injury law firms are going to have the experience to handle ride-sharing accidents. It’s a complex legal niche requiring years of experience working with ride-sharing disputes to build an effective case. Because Uber drivers work independently, the company often finds numerous ways to avoid paying their fair share after an accident; an experienced attorney can help prevent this from happening.

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