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Florida PIP Battle Approaches the Eleventh Hour

Governor Rick Scott Fights For Insurance Industry

Governor Scott was recently criticized for waiting to the eleventh hour to finally gear his big push towards PIP reform in his questionable effort to curbing auto accident fraud. The Governor criticized the Senate’s proposed version stating, “it seems as if it was written by special interest and will do nothing to cure auto accident fraud.” Governor Scott’s ardent support of the proposed House Bill in regards to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) reform can be seen as a direct move against trial lawyers and physicians who treat Florida auto accident victims.

The Senate leaders are holding firm in their position setting up a showdown in the final hours of this legislative session. Talks have begun about implementing a special session to address PIP, but this has not been set yet. The Senate Bill does not have caps on attorney’s fees in contrast with the House version. Further, the Senate version does not limit the physicians an auto accident or motorcycle accident victim can treat with.

The House Bill consists of caps placed on attorney’s fees. This will directly impact the ability of trial lawyers to protect consumers against Insurance carriers that are not accurately and in some cases intentionally under valuing claims. The House Bill seems to be nothing more than an insurance industry wish list. With lower amount of claims, greater profits are to be had by the big Insurance conglomerates. The House Bill also seeks to dictate when and where a person injured in an automobile/car accident, slip and fall, and motorcycle accident can seek treatment. In my opinion, this is akin to Government getting directly involved in ones right to choose for healthcare. Isn’t this what the Republican Party was fighting against in Obama-Care?

Please support the Senate Bill regarding PIP reform. Trial lawyers are the last line of defense in protection of consumers against big business. As a Florida PIP attorney and no-fault insurance advocate, it is my earnest belief that this system promotes expeditious and accessible medical care for injury victims who lack health insurance.

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