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How Do Florida Motorcycle Accidents Differ From Other Motor Vehicle Accidents?

The differences between motorcycles and automobiles are physically obvious. The motorcycle operator is exposed as opposed to other vehicles where all occupants are enclosed. The motorcycle rider relies on balance to control two wheels. This combination of exposure and balance along with the bikes small size make the possibility of a serious accident producing injuries a great deal more likely on a bike than in a passenger vehicle.

The potential for a motorcycle rider having a fatal accident is high. Studies have shown that between 70 and 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. This is compared to a 20 percent injury/fatality rate for passenger vehicles. Other statistics have revealed that 776 accidents occurred with motor cycles for every one million miles traveled, to only 423 accidents for passenger vehicles.

Motorcycles offer no protection from the elements for riders or passengers or protection from the roads, roadside objects or other vehicles. They are often hard to see by the drivers of larger vehicles. This is why in many accidents at intersections the driver of a passenger vehicle turned left into the path of an oncoming motorcycle causing a collision. In these types accidents the motorcycle driver will strike the other vehicle and become airborne, deliberately slide his bike risking going beneath the other vehicle or swerve abruptly causing possible loss of control. The outcome of a motorcycle and passenger vehicle collision is rarely good.  Contrary to public opinion collisions between passenger vehicles and motorcycles are usually the fault of the passenger vehicle driver.

With the increase of distracted drivers on the road and the huge increase of the number of motorcycles, accidents involving motorcycles has risen significantly in recent years. A 10 year analysis of Florida motorcycle crashes by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research found that drivers of other vehicles were at fault 60 percent of the time when they collided with other vehicles.

Another aspect of the study revealed that 34 percent of motorcycle crashes involved one vehicle where only 19 percent of car crashes involved a single vehicle. Most single vehicle crashes to motorcycles happen on curves when bikers fail to reduce speed. Unlike many car drivers, distraction is rarely an issue with motorcycle drivers. It is more often driver error or road conditions.

In Florida, when the snowbirds arrive, the roads for motorcycles become more hazardous. Motorcycles are not as large a concern for drivers from up north. When they arrive in the Sunshine State they are not as attuned to their presence as are local drivers.

In Florida motorcycles are not covered under the no fault insurance provisions, They do not carry personal injury protection (PIP). Even if the bike owner has PIP for another vehicle he is not permitted to purchase it for his motorcycle. This leaves the only option, in many cases, for the injured bike rider to sue the other driver to recover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and damage to his bike. If there was no other vehicle involved there may be a case against the local or state government for inadequate warning signs or improper maintenance of the road. It is imperative in the case of a Florida motorcycle accident injury to retain the services of an experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney. The facets of a motorcycle accident are much different than those of a car accident. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney will know the complex insurance laws and the potential value of each individual case. He or she will have the resources to reconstruct to accident in detail to determine the faulty party.

The Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA have successfully represented countless injured bikers. They understand that most bike accidents are due to the negligence of another and will go to whatever lengths it takes to collect the highest cash award possible. Reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA today for a free evaluation of your case. Call us at 727-451-6900.

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