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October 31, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

A mold outbreak jeopardizes your family’s health, damages your personal property, and threatens your home’s structural integrity. These hazards make it critical to remove the mold and repair the damage it did to your property. Mold remediation and repair are expensive, but many homeowners’ and other property insurance policies cover these expenses.

However, insurance providers are often more concerned with their profits than with honoring their commitments to their policyholders and will sometimes deny or minimize legitimate claims. If your provider refuses to pay for a covered mold event, turn to a Florida mold damage lawyer from Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for help.

Since 2004, our firm has protected the rights of hardworking Floridians affected by mold outbreaks. We have seen how insurance companies bully people who file compensation claims and have dedicated ourselves to holding these companies accountable to their policyholders. They know better than to push around our clients because they know we will not hesitate to take them to court. We work hard to provide our clients with the legal representation we would want ourselves when recovering from devastating damage and loss.

If mold has infiltrated and damaged your property, there is no time to waste as you pursue the financial compensation you need for remediation and repairs. Contact Dolman Law Group today for an initial case evaluation and find out how a Florida mold damage lawyer from our firm can help you hold your insurance provider to account.

Why Choose Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA to Help With Your Mold Damage Claim?

Florida Mold Damage Attorneys

If you need help recovering the money to pay for mold remediation and repair services, you should not choose just any law firm. You deserve a Florida mold damage attorney who won’t just accept the first settlement your insurer offers. Instead, choose a law firm focused on getting you the total compensation package you deserve, not trying to resolve your claim as quickly as possible so they can collect a fee and move on to the next case.

Dolman Law Group will work tirelessly to provide you with the excellent legal advocacy and personalized attention and service you deserve during this challenging time. Here are some of the reasons that so many Floridians in positions similar to yours turn to our firm for help.

Our Firm Has a Team of Experienced Litigators

You may have seen large law firms that advertise on billboards and TV. But all this advertising quickly adds up, and some large firms spend millions of dollars a year in marketing costs. These firms advertise so heavily to get as many cases as possible. The term for them is settlement mills because their business model depends on quickly settling as many cases as possible, which often means leaving money on the table.

Settlement mills also increase their profits by relying on less expensive junior attorneys, paralegals, or legal secretaries to handle most of the work on clients’ cases. But they often lack the experience and commitment to their clients to push back when insurers bully their way to a low settlement. Hiring a settlement mill can harm the value of your case because insurers know these firms often settle for less than full value.

However, when you choose Dolman Law Group, you get a team of seasoned litigators committed to you and your needs. Attorney Stan Gipe, a board-certified trial lawyer by the Florida Bar, heads our litigation practice. His certification recognizes his exceptional skill and experience in trying cases in court. While we will take a settlement that provides fair and full compensation to our clients, we will not hesitate to fight for our client’s interests in court and at trial.

We Focus on Quality over Quantity

While settlement mills try to take on every single case to maximize their profits, we only take a case when we know we can offer our full effort and resources. We want you to feel supported throughout your case, so when you hire our firm, you will receive the direct phone numbers for managing partner Matthew Dolman and the attorney handling your case. You can contact Matthew and your attorney for help with whatever you need during your case.

Our Firm Has the Resources to Fight the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often try to minimize settlements by making it too expensive and time-consuming for a claimant’s lawyers to continue pursuing their claim. But with Dolman Law Group in your corner, you will benefit from a firm that knows how to turn this tactic around on the insurance company and keep them honest.

We can leverage our financial and legal resources to make it too expensive and aggravating for the insurance company to continue denying you fair compensation on your mold damage claim. We can force insurance companies to spend time and money at each step of your claim until fighting you becomes unprofitable. Because insurers know we will go to court for your claim, they will more likely agree to a fair settlement with you to avoid the expense of litigation.

We Have a Proven Record of Success

Our aggressive approach to advocating for clients’ rights has helped us secure substantial financial recoveries for our clients time and time again. The awards and recognitions given to our firm and attorneys speak to our success. These achievements include Matthew Dolman’s selection to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an organization of attorneys who have obtained individual settlements or verdicts of $2 million or more.

We Have Convenient Offices Across the State

Dolman Law Group serves clients across Florida. We have offices on both coasts, including Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, North Miami Beach, Doral, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Orlando, Bradenton, Largo, Cocoa Beach, Palm Harbor, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. You can rest assured that you have a Florida mold damage lawyer close to you. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how our firm can help you obtain the recovery you need in your mold damage claim.

What Compensation Can You Get in a Florida Mold Damage Claim?

Florida Mold Damage Claim

When mold damages your property, you can pursue financial compensation to pay for remediation and repair by filing a property damage claim with your homeowners’, renters’, or commercial property insurance provider. If mold intruded into your property due to another party’s negligence, you might also have the option of seeking compensation in a Florida property damage lawsuit.

Whichever route you take, you could potentially receive compensation for losses, including:

  • Costs of mold removal/remediation services
  • The cost to repair or replace affected property, including roof repair or replacement, wall or floor reconstruction, replacement of building structural members, and repairs to building foundations
  • Temporary housing costs incurred if you need to relocate from your home during mold remediation and property repairs
  • Repair or replacement of personal items damaged by mold, including furniture, bedding, clothing, or curtains
  • Medical expenses to treat infections or health conditions caused by mold buildup

Multiple factors will affect the value of your financial recovery in your mold damage claim.

Examples of circumstances that determine mold damage compensation include:

  • What the insurance company estimates as the cost of mold removal and property repair expenses
  • The value of your personal property destroyed by mold infiltration
  • Any policy limits on your property insurance, deductibles you are obligated to pay, and exclusions to coverage
  • The cause of the moisture infiltration and mold buildup, including if a third-party bears fault for the mold damage
  • The strength of the evidence and documentation you submit in support of your claim for compensation
  • The potential legal expenses incurred if your mold damage claim goes to arbitration/dispute resolution or court, and each party’s chances of prevailing in dispute resolution or at trial

Finally, your recovery in your mold damage claim will depend on the skill of your attorney. With Dolman Law Group on your side, you will benefit from a firm with the resources and legal experience to hold the insurance company accountable to you as a policyholder. We will never back down and will not rest in our pursuit of the maximum financial recovery possible in your case.

Mold Damage Claims in Florida

Mold damage affects countless property owners in Florida. Many building materials used to construct properties in Florida provide mold with the food it needs to grow, particularly lumber and other materials made from organic substances. The state’s high humidity and year-round warm temperatures also provide the conditions mold needs to grow once it takes hold inside a building.

In many cases, mold infiltrates buildings following severe weather events, such as floods, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes. All of these frequently occur in Florida. Mold growth can also occur after other incidents of property damage, such as broken or leaking plumbing, the triggering of fire suppression systems, and leaks from appliances such as air conditioners, HVACs, refrigerators/freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Unfortunately, given the ease with which mold can infiltrate buildings in Florida, property owners face many obstacles when they pursue mold damage claims. For example, many Florida homeowners’ insurance policies do not provide standard coverage for mold damage or limit coverage for mold caused by another covered loss under the policy.

Even if a Florida homeowners’ or commercial property insurance policy provides mold damage coverage, the policy limit for mold damage might be just a few thousand dollars. And property owners in Florida can quickly incur significant expenses from mold remediation, as the state must license remediators, and state law prohibits a remediation company that performs the initial inspection from performing the cleanup, to avoid conflicts of interest.

Mold damage has become such an issue for property owners that in 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster aid program began providing financial assistance for mold damage. In just one year of the mold program’s existence, it had already paid out nearly $150 million to almost 100,000 households, even before storms in the 2022 hurricane season struck Florida.

If you need to pursue compensation for mold damage to your property in Florida, you may have limited time to do so. For example, your property insurance policy may require you to notify your insurer within a certain time period after discovering the mold. Delaying notice may allow your insurer to deny your damage claim, especially if you took no action to stop the spread of mold after finding it.

In addition, any legal actions you might pursue to recover compensation for mold damage also have deadlines for filing.

Time limits for legal actions in mold damage claims include:

  • Negligence claims against a third party who caused the mold infiltration: The later of four years from when the damage occurred or four years from when you discovered the damage
  • Breach of insurance contract claims: Five years from the date that your insurer breached the terms of your policy
  • Bad faith insurance denial claims: Five years from your insurer’s last wrongful act that led to the denial of your claim

You have limited time to seek financial recovery for mold damage on your property. You need to talk to a Florida mold damage lawyer from Dolman Law Group as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options for getting the financial resources you need to remediate and repair your property.

For What Mold Damage Can I Receive Compensation?

At Dolman Law Group, we represent clients in all types of legal matters arising from mold damage claims, including:

  • Homeowners’, renters’, or commercial property insurance claims
  • Lawsuits asserting breach of the insurance contract or bad faith insurance claims
  • Negligence claims against third parties at fault for mold damage, including contractors or builders whose poor workmanship caused the damage
  • Product liability claims against manufacturers of defectively designed or manufactured building materials that caused or contributed to mold growth and damage

Our firm can help you pursue compensation to repair or replace property damaged or destroyed by mold, such as:

  • Drywalls
  • Flooring
  • Building structural elements
  • Roof structures
  • Ceilings
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Personal items like bedding, clothing, furniture, or fabric curtains/drapes

Our firm can also help you seek financial recovery for physical harm you have suffered from mold on your property. This includes compensation for medical expenses to treat infections or chronic conditions caused by mold exposure.

After you notify your property insurance company that you have sustained damage from mold and moisture intrusion, you might assume that your insurer will fully compensate you for your expenses and losses. After all, you purchased property insurance coverage for exactly this reason. But you may find that your insurance provider tries to minimize your losses or deny your mold damage claim outright.

Some of the tactics that an insurer might use to escape liability for your mold damage include:

  • Inadequately inspecting your property and failing to document the full extent of mold intrusion and damage
  • Relying on lowball estimates from contractors for remediation and repair costs
  • Denying that sections of your property or personal items in your property have sustained mold damage
  • Asserting that the cause of the mold damage triggers an exclusion to coverage under your policy
  • Drawing out the claims process, including unreasonable delays in responding to your calls and emails
  • Trying to convince you that the insurance company will not budge on the money it has offered you for repair and remediation costs

The insurance company hopes that by making the claims process as difficult for you as possible, you will feel frustrated and desperate enough to take whatever money you can from them. Do not let the insurance company pressure you into accepting less than the full financial recovery you need. Let a Florida mold damage lawyer from Dolman Law Group fight for the compensation you deserve.

Managing partner Matthew Dolman founded our firm to take on insurance companies who try to bully people and businesses simply looking to recover from damage to their property. He has seen firsthand how insurers will refuse to compensate people fully for their injuries and losses, especially when they do not have legal representation that will fight hard for maximum financial recovery. He remembers how his father received a lowball settlement from the insurance company after a devastating car accident. His father hired a large law firm off an advertisement. The firm assigned an attorney that never returned calls and did little to maximize the settlement.

Over nearly two decades, Dolman Law Group has developed a reputation with insurance companies for our willingness to fight for our client’s rights and interests. They know we will not accept less than full financial compensation for our clients and that we will go to court and trial if that’s what it takes to get it. Insurers prey on lawyers looking for a quick settlement and an easy win. We will do everything possible to obtain the best result in your mold damage claim.

When you turn to us for help with your mold damage claim, you can expect that our firm will:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation of your claim to secure evidence and documentation we can use in building your case for compensation for your expenses and losses
  • Identify all the options you may have for seeking financial compensation, including filing insurance claims with your property insurer or pursuing lawsuits against third parties who caused the mold intrusion into your property
  • Fight back if your property insurer wrongfully denies you coverage or compensation, including by filing a breach of contract or bad faith insurance claim
  • Negotiate aggressively on with the insurance adjusters to hold the insurer accountable for the full scope of coverage it owes you under the terms of your policy
  • Advocate for your rights in arbitration or court if necessary

What Should You Do After Your Property Has Suffered Mold Damage

If you discover mold damage on your property, you need to act to protect your rights to file a mold damage claim.

You can take the following steps to strengthen your claim for full and fair compensation:

  • Fix any water leaks or water intrusion from the outdoors that may could contribute to mold growth, and run air condition or a dehumidifier to help control humidity and reduce moisture inside your property
  • Take photos of all areas of mold intrusion and damage caused by mold, including rotted structural members, walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as damaged personal property like bedding, clothing, rugs, and furniture
  • Contact your property insurance company as soon as possible to ensure that you timely notify them of your loss
  • Contact mold remediation and construction companies to inspect your property and provide you with an estimate of the cost to remove mold and repair the damage it caused
  • Keep bills, invoices, and receipts for expenses that you incur during the remediation and repair of your property, including temporary housing expenses or replacement of destroyed personal property
  • Keep copies of all correspondence you have with your insurer, including taking notes of phone calls with adjusters
  • Refrain from providing a recorded statement to the insurance company until you have spoken to a Florida mold damage lawyer

Finally, contact Dolman Law Group as soon as possible after discovering mold intrusion or damage on your property. Our firm will begin investigating your claim, including determining if other parties may have caused the damage. We can review your options for obtaining financial recovery and handle all communications with the insurance provider on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Damage Claims in Florida

Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Mold Damage Claim with the Insurance Company?

You are not required to have a lawyer to file a mold damage claim with your insurer. However, working with an experienced Florida mold damage lawyer can make the process go much more smoothly. An attorney can review the terms of your property insurance policy to confirm your eligibility for coverage for mold damage. And if your insurance company tries to minimize your financial recovery, they can look out for your interests and aggressively pursue full compensation on your behalf.

An experienced mold damage lawyer will fight back if the insurance company tries to take advantage of you. And because insurance companies know that a good attorney will pursue your case way to trial if necessary, they know they must treat you fairly when you have legal counsel in your corner.

Is It Worth It to File an Insurance Claim for Mold Damage?

The cost of repairing mold damage can be high, and you should not have to pay for it out of pocket if you do not have to. Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover mold damage, but only when caused by a covered peril, such as a burst pipe or a falling object that ripped a hole in the roof and allowed water into the house.

If you suspect that a covered peril is the source of your mold damage, then you should file a claim with your property insurance provider. If you are unsure whether your policy covers the mold damage, an experienced attorney can review its terms and determine if you have a valid claim.

What Is the Timeline for Filing a Claim?

You should start work on filing your mold damage claim as soon as you can confirm that a covered peril led to the damage. Most insurance policies require you to alert the company to a covered event in a timely manner, generally within 72 hours. This can be difficult in the case of mold, which can take some time to develop. An attorney can help you understand your obligations under the terms of your policy.

Once you have alerted your insurance provider to the issue, Florida law gives them 14 calendar days to review the claim and provide you with additional instructions, including how to file a proof-of-loss statement. They have another 14 days after receiving the proof-of-loss statement to begin investigating the claim and 45 days to conduct any physical inspections. Generally, your insurer should approve or deny your claim within 30 days of receiving your proof-of-loss statement.

Should I Begin Repairs before I Receive an Insurance Settlement?

If your property suffered mold intrusion, you need to act quickly to remove the mold and repair any damage it caused. Mold poses a health risk to you and other occupants of your property, as it can trigger allergies or asthma or cause respiratory infections. Mold can also critically damage your property by weakening structural members, walls, and floors, causing the property to sag or collapse.

While mold remediation and repair are often expensive, you should complete these steps as soon as possible before more expensive damage occurs. Failing to complete necessary repairs could violate the terms of your policy and lead to irreparable damage.

What Happens If the Insurance Company Denies Part of My Mold Damage Claim?

If your insurer denies your mold damage claim or declines to pay you the full compensation you have requested, you have options for seeking full financial recovery from your insurer. Your insurance policy may entitle you to pursue an administrative appeal with your insurer. Your policy may also allow you to pursue arbitration or other dispute resolution.

If necessary, a Florida mold damage lawyer can also file a breach of insurance contract lawsuit on your behalf if your insurer continues to refuse you the compensation it owes you under your property insurance policy.

Do I Have a Lawsuit Claim If My Property Insurer Wrongfully Denied Part or All of My Claim?

If your homeowner’s or property insurer might have denied your mold damage claim in bad faith, you may have a legal claim that you can pursue in court. These claims include breach of an insurance contract and bad faith insurance coverage denial.

Examples of actions that may evidence an insurer’s bad faith denial of your mold damage claim include:

  • Intentionally undervaluing the cost of the damage to your property, including underestimating the cost of remediation work
  • Ignoring evidence of mold infiltration
  • Willfully delaying starting or progressing a claim investigation
  • Assigning your claim to adjusters who lack experience with mold damage claims
  • Failing to explain the basis for the insurer’s denial of your claim or the denial of certain compensation
  • Knowingly providing you with false or misleading information about the scope of insurance coverage or your rights and obligations under the terms of your policy
  • Falsely asserting that something that triggers an exclusion of coverage caused the mold damage
  • Making baseless allegations that your negligent maintenance of the property caused the mold damage
Personal Injury Lawyer
Matt Dolman, Florida Mold Damage Attorney

Weather events and normal wear and tear can both cause mold damage. However, mold intrusion can also result due to another party’s negligence. For example, negligent workmanship by contractors performing construction or renovations on your property can allow moisture to infiltrate the building, resulting in mold growth. Defective building materials can also result in moisture infiltration and mold growth. If someone else’s negligence led to the mold damage, you might also have the right to pursue financial recovery from that negligent party.

Contact a Florida Mold Damage Lawyer From Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for Help

If your property has suffered mold damage, turn to a lawyer with Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for help getting the compensation you need from your insurance provider. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to help you pursue all available avenues for recovery, and we strongly believe you should not have to pay out of pocket for losses covered by your policy.

Contact us today at (727) 451-6900 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options for demanding financial recovery from your insurer.

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