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Florida Car Accident Joint Injuries

Filing a Claim for Joint Injuries After an Accident

Car accidents have the ability to ravage your body in a number of painful and costly ways. Joint injuries can end up being some of the worst kinds of injuries you can suffer under these circumstances. When you suffer damage to your joints you can deal with long-term and even permanent issues with your mobility affecting your livelihood, relationships, and general quality of life. This is why many that have suffered joint injuries at the hands of a negligent driver or another liable party often seek compensation for the damages they sustained by filing a car accident claim or lawsuit.

Car Accident Claims

If you have suffered a severe joint injury in a car accident then you may be able to take legal action in order to secure compensation for your damages. Florida does have a no-fault rule which ensures that people involved in a car accident have to go through their own insurance despite whoever caused the accident but severe injuries like those that cause damage to the joints can easily cause damage that exceeds personal injury protection. In cases like this, a car accident victim can seek compensation for damages from the at-fault party or similarly liable party. 

In order to file a claim, you need to have suffered an injury severe enough that your own coverage is insufficient and caused damages significant to necessitate filing a claim in the first place. You must also be able to prove that your injuries were caused by the negligence of the at-fault party. In doing so you not only establish the credibility of your claim but attain leverage that can be used to negotiate a settlement out of court

A car accident injury case’s settlement is different for each case depending on details like the type of injury, its severity, the type of accident, the evidence of the defendant’s fault, etc. A settlement is often a preferable alternative to going to court on the account that a trial can be long costly and in most legal wars of attrition, the insurance company has an edge. Regardless of whatever path you decide to go down, the best thing to do is speak to an experienced attorney before you make any important decisions. 

Joint Injuries in Car Accidents

A joint is basically the point where two bones meet and aid in the locomotion of the human body. For example, the elbows or your knees. Joints will often contain fibrous connective tissues like ligaments that will help to connect the two bones that make up the joint. In addition to ligaments, tendons also help to connect muscles to either the bone or cartilage. 

There are actually six different kinds of joints that can be found within the human body.

  • Ball and socket joints
  • Hinge joints 
  • Condyloid joints
  • Pivot joints
  • Gliding joints
  • Saddle joints

Every step you take, every gesture, almost every movement of your body will likely involve the use of several joints. They are an essential part of not only your body’s movement but structure as well. For example, your knees have the weight of almost your entire body placed on them and pretty much do most of the work when it comes to taking a step and even just holding your body up while standing. 

Basic Types of Joint Injuries

  • Sprains 
  • Dislocation 
  • Torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • Broken/ fractured.bones
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis

How are Joint Injuries Caused?

Car accidents have a way of inflicting severe trauma upon the bodies of those involved. This trauma can be directed in ways that can put intense stress on the joints. Part of the joints’ functions is to help the body absorb the impact force by allowing the body to bend, swivel, etc. so this makes them one of the most affected parts by trauma inflicted by car accidents. Almost any joint can be affected by the intense forces involved in a car accident but the most commonly affected are the shoulders, knees, and ankles via broken or torn ligaments, tendons, and even bones.

Damages Inflicted by Car Accident Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are considered to be one of the most damaging injuries someone can deal with as a result of a car accident. They have the potential to drastically interfere with a person’s life. Most people do not realize the extent to which we rely on our joints to do everyday tasks let alone work at our jobs. Sometimes the damage to our joints can cause permanent issues as well. Some of the most common issues that people deal with as a result of joint damage from car accidents are medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, as well as pain and suffering. Each of these and more deserve compensation that can be obtained through a successful car accident injury claim or lawsuit. 

How Can a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Help?

After ensuring the safety of yourself and others involved in a car accident, an attorney should be near the top of your list of professionals to contact. You’ll need to work with your insurance company to take care of certain aspects of your case, but a legal professional can help advise you on the best steps for moving forward.

Car accident cases fall under the general umbrella of personal injury cases. The reasoning is easy to understand: if you’re a victim of injuries sustained during a car accident, those are personal injuries caused by some party and should be treated as such. An attorney with extensive experience in personal injury and car accident cases could prove more crucial to your case than you ever expected.

Contact a legal professional that understands what it takes to pursue compensation and maximize a plaintiff’s chances at receiving the funds that they deserve. Partnering with an attorney will allow you to build up a team of trustworthy experts who can back up your case and offer a court proof of damages. Attorneys may bring in doctors or other professionals to lend credence to your claims—and those resources aren’t available to everyone. 

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