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What Makes Fire Trucks Prone to Accidents?

According to the National Transportation Safety Administration there is an average of 2000 traffic accidents involving fire trucks each year with over 1000 serious injuries reported. What makes a fire truck prone to being in an accident considering that they do not log a lot of miles in a year like other trucks? It is the fact that half of the time they are responding to an emergency.

When a fire truck is on the way to a fire or other emergency it can be in the middle of the night, in any weather or during periods of heavy traffic. They are allowed to proceed through red lights with proper caution and may also drive against traffic to get through a congested road or intersection. All vehicles are required to pull over and stop when a fire truck approaches with its lights, horn and siren in use. Despite that law, the number one reason that fire trucks collide with other vehicles is the other vehicles failure to yield.

Today’s drivers are more distracted and vehicles are well insulated against outside noises. It is often the case that the driver does not realize that a fire truck is approaching or cannot determine from where. The driver may have the apparent right of way over other vehicles but not the fire engine. As the driver approaches a green traffic light the fire engine suddenly appears in the intersection. The fire truck driver must not assume that other drivers heard him approaching the intersection and should use caution when driving though a red signal. Unlike other truck and car accidents the fire fighters are at a high risk of injury because they lack protection in many cases. Fire fighters are sometimes standing on the rear of the truck and can be ejected. It is extremely important for the safety of firefighters, and also you, to be diligent at all times regarding any emergency vehicle that may be on the road. A fire truck in an accident is one that does not reach the fire putting other lives at risk.

Fire trucks are very big and heavy vehicles that travel at fast speeds. A smaller vehicle colliding with one is always going to receive the greatest damage and the driver and occupants are likely to be seriously injured. If you are involved in an accident with a fire truck, gather as much information as possible such as witnesses and road conditions. Take pictures if possible of every angle. If you are injured seek medical attention immediately. Never refuse to be treated and transported even if you do not feel hurt badly.

Once you are capable contact an experienced emergency vehicle accident attorney. In case of fire engine accidents there may have been negligence on the part of the driver of the truck. Also note that firefighters en route in their personal vehicles are permitted to have flashing red lights but must obey all traffic laws including speed limits and traffic signals. Many of these personnel drive SUVs or pick-ups with two flashing red lights but they are not fire trucks per se and must obey traffic laws.

An experienced accident injury attorney will have the resources needed to reconstruct the accident exactly as it happened. The law firm will have the resources it takes to challenge the city and their legal team in court if necessary to win the compensation that you are entitled to. Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA has represented many Florida residents who were injured by emergency vehicles whose drivers did not exercise proper caution while responding. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a fire truck or while riding on a fire truck contact Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA for a free evaluation of your case and discuss your options.

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