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Who Is At Fault In a Wind Related Clearwater Truck Accident?

High winds can be extremely difficult to drive in, but operating a tractor trailer in high winds can become very hazardous. A trailer’s high profile can act like a sail if struck broadside by a strong wind gust. Clearwater truck accidents are likely in high winds especially on the causeway and local bridges. Winds blowing across water have nothing to slow the force until they strike an obstruction. A big rig traveling with an empty trailer across a bridge or causeway is particularly vulnerable to tipping over when slammed by a high wind gust.

When a Clearwater truck accident occurs involving a flipped trailer, the chances of another vehicle striking it or becoming crushed are significant. Even if a truck is blown off its route into another lane, a crash may occur. However many Clearwater truck accidents can be avoided through the use of common sense on the part of the trucker as well as other drivers.

Some simple precautions to prevent wind related Clearwater truck accidents are:

  • Be aware of the possibility of high wind gusts particularly on bridges, overpasses and open highways. Listen and watch for weather updates and warnings.
  • Slow down if there are high winds present. A trailer truck traveling at slower speeds permits the driver a greater chance of recovering from a high wind gust before losing control and toppling.
  • Stay clear of other high profile vehicles if high winds are possible
  • Be sure that the truck is loaded properly to prevent shifting loads or top heaviness.
  • Pull over and wait until conditions improve if extremely high winds are imminent, especially if slippery roads and/or poor visibility exist. Heed tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings. Do not drive during a hurricane or severe tropical storm.
  • Watch for warning signs. Many highways and bridges are equipped with lighted warning signs to alert drivers of any adverse conditions or hazards. Wind socks and even flags can be indicators of wind speed and direction

Professional truck drivers are trained to use diligence and common sense regarding weather conditions at all times. Many Clearwater truck accidents could be avoided if drivers would simply reduce their speed or pull over if weather conditions make driving hazardous. Unfortunately many times they don’t despite their training. They continue driving fast in high wind situations, as not to lose time getting from one destination to another. The motivation may be pay related, especially for independent truckers, or it could be due to unreasonable schedules from employers or consignors. If a crash occurs due to a trucker not using reasonable caution during severe weather conditions the driver or the trucking company could be held partly liable for any injuries or damage that occurs.

When a forty foot trailer turns over on a bridge or roadway causing a Clearwater truck accident, the outcome is likely to be horrific. Serious injuries and even death to other drivers are distinct possibilities. Anyone who is injured should seek medical attention first and then contact a Clearwater truck accident attorney to explore their legal options. There may be monetary compensation available for medical bills, lost income, property damage as well as pain and suffering.

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