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What should I do if I’ve been assaulted?

You might be wondering “what should I do if I’ve been assaulted outside of a bar, restaurant, or nightclub?” First things first, you need to contact law enforcement. There has to be a police report evidencing the injuries that you sustained. Next it’s important to notify the manager of the establishment, or anyone else in a position of authority. Not just notify them, but make them take down an incident report. Memorialize what’s happened to you in the report. Then ask for a copy, or write down the statement that you gave to that person. It’s also important to document the injuries that you incurred as a result of the assault. Be sure to take photographs. Most of the time people have a camera on their cell phone. If you don’t have your cell phone on you, ask to borrow one from a friend or bystander. If you have a phone that has video capabilities, absolutely utilize it. Get videos of the scene, your injuries, any witnesses in order to preserve the condition of where you were and what happened to you at the time that it happened. This is imperative evidence moving forward in order to succeed with your claim.