Should I Challenge a Traffic Ticket in Clearwater Courts?

April 13, 2022
Should I Challenge a Traffic Ticket in Clearwater Courts?

When you get a traffic ticket, paying the penalty seems like the path of least resistance. But challenging your ticket can save your driving record and your wallet. If you get a traffic ticket, you don't have to just accept the guilt, pay the penalty, and move on. Knowing your options and arming yourself with information are two of the most crucial measures you can take to mitigate the negative implications of a traffic citation.

Challenging a Traffic Ticket in Clearwater

If you received a traffic ticket and are unsure what to do, the good news is that you do have some options, and paying the ticket may be your worst one. A Clearwater attorney can assist you by answering your questions on how to proceed with your traffic citation and by representing you if necessary. 

Moving Violation Penalties

Look through the charges against you in the traffic ticket you received. They may seem minor, but they can build up quickly if not addressed right away. A traffic ticket in Clearwater will cost you at least $100 in penalties. Leaving the scene of a car accident, for example, may lead to even more costly fines, which might leave you unable to pay. As a result of not paying your ticket on time, you may face even further penalties.

If you decide to avoid paying a fine by attending driving school instead, there will still be expenses. Even though you won't be penalized for taking these courses, you'll still have to put in some time. You could get into much more trouble if you fail to show up.

Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

You may not be as eager to fight a traffic ticket as you would a criminal accusation. Even though it may seem like a minor infraction, you may regret not fighting back. Here's why:

  • When you get a traffic ticket, you can challenge it - If they eventually throw out your ticket, the work to dispute it will be well worth it. It's possible to secure lower penalties even if an officer's rationale for charging you with a crime has some basis.
  • Failing to contest a traffic citation might cost you thousands - You may be thinking, "It's just a $100 ticket," but after reporting your traffic infraction to your insurance provider, there's a good chance you may face an increase in your auto insurance premiums of up to 30 percent. Paying your ticket without a battle might result in you having to pay the total amount of your ticket and then some for months to come.
  • The act of paying a traffic ticket is equivalent to confessing your guilt - If you do not fight your ticket and accept the fines, points on your license, and other penalties; you will forfeit your opportunity to contest the repercussions later. If you pay a traffic ticket, the court will consider you guilty of the claimed traffic offenses specified on the citation; therefore, paying it is equivalent to admitting guilt.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Once you've secured the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, it's time to turn your attention to mounting an effective defense. Your lawyer will customize your defense to match the specifics of your moving violation case in order to defend you. Here are some possible defenses your lawyer could research for your case:

  • Demonstrating that you were not at fault in order to get your ticket thrown out;
  • Determining what you were stopped for since there are many reasons you could have been pulled over (such as speeding, failing to yield or stop when asked to do so);
  • Seeing if any road signs were covered or erased at the time, if so, you and your attorney will need to prove that you were unaware of the law;
  • Officer's equipment may be faulty, the judge might throw out your ticket if the equipment to evaluate your speed wasn't correctly calibrated by the police officer.

After you and your lawyer have decided on a course of action for your defense, gathering evidence is the next step. You can include expert witness testimony, as well as photographs of the location where the traffic stop occurred for this evidence. Work with an attorney who listens to your case and can determine the best method of defense to get your ticket dismissed.

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